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Spirit Writer -001

Posted by SpiritWriter , 08 September 2012 · 315 views

Do not go against the grain of God
for it is true that you will be used as a vessel.

We have asked for the mysteries to be revealed to us
before we were ready and yet God has still heard our plea.

He must still do  a work in us to make us ready
and we must be fully restored to an unshakable strength,
so that the knowledge would not result in folly
and that the seed of corruption would not take hold
and become our primary root.

To value Love more than Wisdom does not make us dumb,
but heedful to the Word of God and therefore fortified by our faith.
Though we be behind, we hold the banner for all those who go before us.
We will be their cover once they are fallen and trampled on.

Those who have struggled to develop their strength,
that they could bare the banner and hold it high,
will be the covering for those who ran fast and fallen forward.


The government of the slow
are bent and awkward
because of their pain in lifting.
They have regarded
the truth of their fathers
that the falsities would fall
from their eyes,
but like a root
they needed plucking
and like a tooth
it left a wrench
that needed filling.
It was the baby
that suffered the bathwater.

Should we be left
shoveling dirt in our mouths
or should we still partake
in the tender mercies
of our nursery.

We have learned
the alphabet on the wall
but we don't know all
the languages.

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