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Posted by SpiritWriter , 09 November 2014 · 415 views

I am sitting on the jungle floor. I am in the mud. I find something of _____’s. I smell something, an animal. In my mind I see a hungry wolf snarling with a bright red tongue. I see horse tracks. This is where _____ fell after being taken in the spirit for all those months, lost in the sky with...



Posted by SpiritWriter , 06 December 2013 · 417 views

I hold what is delicate in poverty
the most precious thing
gold and worthless
I am weak

Random thoughts come from no where
they are good for fulfilling prophesy
long after the thinker is dead

to separate from
to be misunderstood
is divine
to comprehend
stand in line

throw in your stones
and purchase the river

is the first step


on not admitting the truth to even ourselves

Posted by SpiritWriter , 02 December 2013 · 443 views
at times
the truth of our heart
cannot get past the flesh of our mouth
it would require screaming
the meeting with our fears
the rejection of our peers

we sit compliant
in the face of what is blasphemous

we accept the lies we know are lies
and we go on lying

the branch of our heart has rotted

and nothing there can grow



Posted by SpiritWriter , 22 November 2013 · 389 views
spiritwriter, rambling
what do symbols do to the mind?
Is it a slow process
or do they break in?

Do we need to be under
the influence of a mind altering drug,
asleep or sleepy,
in a drastic
or new environment,
in a state of fever,
or does The Spirit
itself need to descend
upon us and lay us prostrate?


being broken
can happen in an instant
being restored
only when
you are...



Posted by SpiritWriter , 07 August 2013 · 515 views
i dont know why i do it, but i do
we can meet somewhere

how about right here
where I am vibrating

where my tone is your tone
and both of us are ringing


your bell is my bell


I have yet
to really exist on the plane that I seek
but I am there
part seeing
part feeling
part removed

I see you
higher than me
lower than me
in control



Posted by SpiritWriter , 07 April 2013 · 903 views
rambling poetry and 1 more...
The world cannot hear me
Each of their voices and opinions
are a million blades that would slay me
and gaze upon my flesh
but would they receive my love
if it was all i had left
If I offered nothing at all
but death
who but the earth
would receive me


I found that all I have is my mind
my only comfort
is to be comfortable within it
I am in the center



Posted by SpiritWriter , 21 March 2013 · 523 views
rambling, rambling poetry
The splash of the water-drop
is my cheek’s most pleasurable stain
The sting that brings the rain
splits across the threshold of my eye
This is the pain that reveals my privacy
and brings realness to the outside

The storm met with a sheet of bright light composed of many colors. They were the colors that would shine through the gems than hung from...


rambling poem today

Posted by SpiritWriter , 29 December 2012 · 422 views

They threw in red strands.
This was the life.
This was the spice.
This was the health of their stomachs
and their legacies surrendered to their kin.

They gathered around picnics
while bombs were dropping
and steel drums banged.
In these times their music persisted.
They called on me to get by.

You will too in the time of your exhaustion.
Do not think you...


the shake of the money maker

Posted by SpiritWriter , 20 December 2012 · 645 views
poem, abstract title and 1 more...
My golden cavity is still boiling
My shapes I have yet to cast
You have extracted my artifacts
And still you keep on drilling

I shall make a foot stool
And put a servant upon it
He will be a fool for the king
Of decorated things



Posted by SpiritWriter , 07 December 2012 · 488 views

Oh why have you burdened me,
have you consumed me day and night,
that I may not eat or work or play without hurting
or sleep in the night without waking
to find you more possessive of my soul?

I have been made poor,
for the invisible folly of an archaic past
has swelled within my mind
and taken away my wisdom.

I am the laughing stock of man
for the...

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