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Posted by Three , 19 October 2012 · 392 views

I love my parents, and I remind them all the time of how grateful I am for them having putt up with my bs for so many years. When is the last time you called your folks and told em thanks?

@anyone: Here's some free music. :)

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Atrist: Keed PR1
Album: Ogre?
Genre: IDM

Here's an example:

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Have a good weekend erbody!

I thanked my mom mentally today as my 20 year old daughter drove me half insane, but I see them every Sunday.
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Anyone who has loving parents should cherish them, I'm glad you're happy!
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Biff Wellington
Oct 20 2012 02:52 AM
Well I don't call my parents & thank them. That would just weird them out. I do have a very awesome relationship with them. I don't have to thank them because they already know that I appreciate them.plus I talk to them everyday on Facebook.
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The very last words I said to my dad before he died unexpectedly were "I love you." It was a blessing for both of us.
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