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Dream Journal Chapter 8: Public Transportation Problems

Posted by _Only , 02 November 2012 · 741 views


Night dream I was at some city I didnt recognize at night, and was trying to get home. I had to take BART, but it was late and I wasn't sure
if I would be able to get back, as it seemed the transfer station might be closed. As I got on one train, I was worried that I was going too
far in the wrong way. I asked a worker on there for help and she seemed to tell me the station I needed to go to transfer. It was going to be a
lot of money I was thinking, but I was willing to pay it to get home. I was thankful to the woman. As I was getting off the train, I
remember I was suddenly in costume, wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask and Jason jumpsuit. A man on train noticed me and smiled at my outfit.

Later I was at work and was leaving, and taking [co-worker] home. Also, some older woman saw me before I was leaving and took a real liking to me,
being very friendly. She wanted me to come to her house. I stopped there on my way home, and [co-worker] stayed in the car outside while I and
a few others went in. I remember worrying that she would be comfortable waiting outside with the window up, as I had taken the keys. Inside,
I realized the older woman was attracted to me, as she wasn't there but had left a type of love poem that had a pretty colorful sexual first
line. I was a bit surprised and embarrassed, but flattered. I saw her a bit later and she said the poem was for me. --- 11/1/12

This wasn't the first dream I've had experiencing having trouble finding where I needed to go to get home on public transportation trains. These are fear dreams for me, feeding off of my uncertainty and lack of confidence. I am constantly lost and doubting myself in them, and looking to others to help me out of my situation. I don't like that, but it's how I feel in my waking state pretty much, but to a less obvious degree. I hope to someday have a dream that I am riding BART, know exactly where I'm going, and maybe help another lost traveler find their way home. Then I'll know I'm on the right track.

maybe you want PEACE and want to be HOME or find peace... but maybe your journey is NOT ABOUT finding peace after all as seen by the hannibal/jason or killer dream symbols, maybe you fear to become what you HATE or what hurt you as in you don't want to become a monster and are tired fighting monsters... you just want to know PEACE and go HOME.... BUT maybe that is not what you are here for... we are not here to live to die, but to live for the sake of living... maybe the only way to live is to embrace the inner monster... the inner demon.... if we were meant to be angels we would have stayed in HEAVEN with halos on our heads, playing harps and meditating all day with a smile on our faces.... as for the old lady, maybe you MET A DREAM guide or an angel is looking out for you from beyond sending you messages through dreams... he he he, be thankful and OPEN...
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