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Dream Journal Chapter 10: Shark Attack!

Posted by _Only , 05 November 2012 · 515 views


Night dream I was in some big zoo type place in back where the animals were being kept (or maybe shelter or pet store?). [my manager] was there and showed me a little black puppy who had gotten out. We laughed at it then she asked me to get it. I caught him and he was trying to get out of my hands, but I held tight. He started to try to bite his way out of my hands, but his teeth didn't hurt. I said "shark attack!" as he did this, in a joking way, as I got him in his kennel. We walked further down and [my manager] said "be careful, these are the lions" as we passed some large kennels.

Later, vague recollection of being in some house with some other guy my age. I was doing some task before bed (some kind of paperwork?).

Later was outside a house (remember this area from a dream or two before) and some of my family was also out there. I had to pee, so I did near some bushes at top of driveway. They could all see but I didn't mind. But I left a trail that started going down driveway. I felt ashamed as this happened, and started to go inside to get away. I went to some little shed. They noticed my 'mess' and were talking about it. I felt bad. --- 11/4/12

These dreams were had in a hotel room as I was out of town, and was worried I might not be able to sleep deep enough to dream at all. I had trouble getting to sleep, but then came the dreaming.

maybe something or someone in your life that looks harmless is actually a shark in disguise, like the black puppy, the colour should be a signal or warning sign on itself that it is dangerous although it might look small, even puppies can bite people or get rabies.... yes those people in your life that look harmless might be LIONS in the disguise of cubs... you must handle someone with velvet or pet gloves... if that's the saying to HANDLE someone with caution or you might get hurt.... or it could be a symbol of how you are... in fact anyone can be like this... to conceal their inner power, people might think those who look weak, timid and innocent on the outside or like that inside too... big mistake... maybe a challenge of your own inner strength, or a battle with someone else that will improve yours.... or it could be a pun on YOUR KINDNESS being abused, or your gullibility getting the better of you or someone abusing it.
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