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Dream Journal Chapter 11: Rock'n'Roll, Fast Cars, and Bananas

Posted by _Only , 09 November 2012 · 354 views


Night dream I was playing drums with some other guy my age. We were having fun. Later we were at some place and found out some record
company or something really liked our music. They wanted to do something with us; make us big. But they wanted only me playing the drums
it seemed, and to replace the other guy. He felt awful about this and I felt weird about it too, but I felt so flattered and humble. They
kept complimenting my playing.

Later was in some office type setting waiting for something. It turns out it was a car place, and they kept talking about some girl who had
crashed all these cars; one a Ferrari, the other two I can't remember but were also nice cars. It was funny how this girl had crashed all these
cars and was in trouble. She showed up at some point, and it was odd because she had a goatee kind of stubble, like she had intentionally
grown it out.

Another dream I was at some store where they were giving away their items (seemed a supermarket type place). I saw a bunch of bananas and took
them. I then went outside and it was a place where everyone was selling items, like a swap meet. I was setting out to sell my bananas I just
got, and felt good, like I was going to make a lot of money for free. I kept advertising, making dirty jokes about them. Some attractive  girl
walked up and seemed like she wanted to buy some after I joked with her. --- 11/8/12

I don't remember the first dream at all, which happens sometimes when I read dreams I wrote down. Usually I can recall the dream once I start reading what happened, but every once in awhile one just doesn't ring a bell. It's funny how something I dreamed and remembered just this morning is completely gone from my memory. That is pretty profound if you think about it. Anyway, I have pretty much taken it as a given that any time I am with someone else in my dreams that I remember and vision only as "another guy my age" (this happens very frequently), that it is another part of me that I am with. I love the "other guy my age". He is something special. I now feel a bit odd that I was chosen over him by the people in the dream. That doesn't feel right. It felt like 'ego me' was being chosen, as the other part was being left behind. Not nice.

I definitely remember that girl's extremely odd, close shaved goatee, though. It was so finely groomed, and bizarre. If only she drove as well as she apparently handles a trimmer.

I don't know how to translate the last dream at this time. I'll have to come back to this one.

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