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Dream JOurnal Chapter 12: Letting The Cat Out Of The Van

Posted by _Only , 12 November 2012 · 590 views


Night dream I was moving to some place. My sisters were also in dream, or at least sensed. There seemed a competition on who had done the best
packing or chosen the best items to bring, and I felt they hadn't brought the better items. This wasn't a friendly competition, and I looked
down on them or better than them because of what we chose. We seemed angry at each other. The dream ended as I was continuously opening and
shutting a sliding minivan door on a cat inside. I started out angry at the cat, and was angry that it was in the way, but as it
happened more and more (me opening the dor and proceeding to shut it on the cat's fur, pinching it in, I felt badly for the cat (it kept
crying) and just wanted to free it. But each time I started to open it, freeing the cat, I was afraid the cat would run away, so I shut it
again, hurting the cat again. I could find no answer to my problem as I kept opening and shutting the door, and eventually woke up. --- 11/11/12

Well this dream felt like a symbolic/allegorical playground for me.

The story of me and my sisters competing in choosing the best items to pack in our luggage for a trip somewhere new felt thick in symbolism. The act of competing angrily over choosing things to bring on a move somewhere, and me feeling superior to them for what I chose in comparison to what they chose, was unsettling.  

The attempting to open and shut some type of door on a poor cat 'inside' was very unsettling, in the dream, and after I woke up, as if from a nightmare. In the dream, I started out angry at this thing inside that seemed in the way. But as I made this opening/shutting of a door repeatedly, I started to feel strong emotions for the 'cat' inside, who I now realized was stuck, and crying out in pain. I now wanted to free it, instead of simply get it out of the way. But at the same time, while I wanted to free it, I was afraid to let it leave me, and would just end up closing the open door again, hurting the 'cat inside'. Over and over I did this in the dream, until waking to a horrible feeling.

This wasn't a happy dream, though it has been the best dream I have had yet for personal interpretation. But the feelings in it, and also after, were thick in negativity, anger, fear, and hopelessness.

An added interesting tidbit (at least to me) is that I was thinking about the 'cat out of the bag' idiom, and me having trouble letting the 'cat out of the van' in the dream, as I wrote the title here. I decided to do a Google search of 'van bag' to see if there was any possible connection (because I'm goofy like that), and these were my results:

Posted Image

'Cats van bags', Kat Van Travelware luggage and bags? Kat Van "Zeeland" (cat van Z-land)? Animal instinct, ticket to ride, and California dreaming?

Even 'category' made me laugh, as it made me realize what a dream allegory involving a feline might be called. Maybe I spend a bit too much time thinking. Or maybe I should buy a Kat Van bag. Oh well, getting tired now. Off to Z-land soon.

Sorry, I'm finished now.

Professor T
Nov 13 2012 07:04 AM
I'd interpret that as an ego battle.
(message sent from New Zealand.) lol.
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maybe you have some emotional baggage by letting the CAT out of the bag TOO MUCH, do you want more, or do you want to tame the animal within? Or do you think the only way to solve your emotional baggage is by embracing the inner animal? Or would it only make it worse?
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Wow, inner animal. I didn't even think of that term and put that together in that way. I had another fairly recent weird experience, dreaming of a song about a monster/animal inside. It reminds me of another wild dream to waking life experience I had that I wrote in the weird dreams thread: http://www.unexplain...05#entry4325935 I'll have to see if this animal inside line of thought/feeling continues in my dreams.

Emotional baggage is another term I didn't think about, but am now. Thanks for the interesting reply!

And I think you're right, Mr. T; the first part of dream was total ego, and pretty bad.
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