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Dream Journal Chapter 14: I Wanna Go Somewhere Else, And I Wanna Play Too

Posted by _Only , 17 November 2012 · 470 views


Night dream I took a trip with a girlfriend. We were at some place (Oregon?) and I decided I wanted to go somewhere else. We were by water now,
and she was telling me that I needed to figure out where I want to go. I couldn't decide, as I wanted to go somewhere I enjoyed. She was
saying how I wasn't enjoying anywhere, and made me think about what it really is that makes me want to go somewhere. I'm not sure if I had an
answer, but I was thinking being alone had something to do with where I wanted to be.

Another night dream that I was with [old friend]. We were at a place I've been in dreams before. It was a large old mansion, with some shacks behind
it, in a wooded area. I led him to the sheds behind as we were looking for something fun to do. We went in one and saw this older man. He
was inside excited about something. He was showing us his new toy. It was some flat wooden square boards set up to play drum sounds when you
hit them. I was amazed at this odd contraption and watched them play. There was a considerable delay after we hit them, and they played the
sound. I realized there were nice expensive amps and speakers all over the room in this shack now. I realized now that this old man was rich
and eccentric, and had tons of money to spend on crazy things like this. Now we were in same shack, but old man was gone, and [old friend] and I
were with some others. [old friend] was playing bass with them, they seemed a band. They liked his playing a lot. I wanted to play the bass too, but
they didn't let me. I got mad about this and sulked. They were asking what my problem was, and I told them that I wanted to play it too. I
was stuck sitting and listening to them all play. --- 11/16/12

I start to see recurring characters in my dreams. The girlfriend/girl who is friends with me type is one of them. It seems she is often the teacher type to me, letting me see things in different ways. No other character really does this for me in my dreams that I can recall. I hope to see her around more. I had been thinking of wanting to go on a trip somewhere the night before, but was (and still am) having trouble deciding where it is that I want to go to the next couple of days. Maybe I will lay down and have a good think about what she said to me in the dream. Maybe I will figure something out.

The next dream was cool because I like the area in the dream and it was so odd. The crazy old man playing with his musical toy in a broken down shed behind [what I assume was] his mansion. Even the end of the dream was funny how I was acting like a little kid; "but I wanna play, too".

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