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Dream Journal Chapter 17: Boats, Motorcycles, and Trailers

Posted by _Only , 25 November 2012 · 333 views


Night dream I was hearing a story some woman was telling about getting caught in very strong harsh waves in the o cean, like tidal waves.
I saw it like a movie as she said some of it. There was also a part of some man trying to take advantage of her, only wanting to save her
if she would do dirty things with him, or was just being bad towards women in general. He was in some boat. She chose not to have his help.
Later, another woman told a similar story about that event, but she liked the man and took his help I think.

Night dream I was riding a smaller motorcycle. It was very quiet and kind of slow. I noticed other slightly louder motorcycles pass me, and
even louder ones pass them. The very loud ones seemd fast and obnoxious and went by fast. The slightly faster louder ones came up behind me.
I was all the way to the left on the gravel type road, but they moved this way to try to pass me and kind of hit me. I was a bit angry, and
said I had moved all the way to the left; why did they go that way to pass me? They said they didn't know.

Later, I was driving out of the city. It was so dark and it seemed I was escaping something dangerous. I noticed as I got to some point in
the city, it was now unnaturally light compared to the darkness it was. It didn't seem right to be light now. I somehow ended up in a portable
trailer now. There were a bunch of people in it also. A lot of them seemed watching me and m aking sure I stayed put. I soon figured out that
I was being kept here and to leave I ould have to escape. But they made it seem as if nothing was wrong and I wasn't being held. A girl behind
me kept fiddling with things and grabbing my arm or something. I figured out she was slowly trying to set me up to take an injection from her.
I noticed this and wasn't going to let her do it, so was paying attention to what she was doing the whole time. I also noticed there was an
older man at a desk near exit. I realized he was the guard, again not letting anyone see I knew this. A man up front was talking with all of
us and someone's cell phone went off. The man asked to see it (was another guy my age's phone) and when he handed t to the talking man, the
man threw it out the window very hard and fast, and we heard it break outside. The other guy my age first was at a loss for words, dumbstruck.
Then he got mad and was starting to l eave. I couldn't believe the man had done that to his phone. I now really wanted to escape. --- 11/22/12

It's surprising how much waiting one day to come back and read a dream and write more about it fades memory of it. I only remember the last dream, and probably only because it is similar to a very interesting dream I had previously had along the same lines in multiple ways.

I don't really remember the first dream, past a vague recollection of heavy waves and a boat. I'm not sure how to translate it really. A man offered to save a woman in the harsh waves of the ocean by getting onto his boat, but the man was a creep. She declined, but apparently another girl took the offer.

I don't remember the second one, but motorcycles pop up every now and then in my dreams. I have never ridden one, or plan to, any time in my life. That makes me think it has a symbolic meaning, especially since I have had multiple dreams involving them. I am at a loss of going further interpreting this one also, as I just lost the memory of it, and any associated feeling or thoughts. I feel like another person trying to translate my dream.

The last one I do remember fairly well (I have a few photograph memories of it reading what I wrote. This was similar to a past dream I've had where I was being held captive with other strangers in a small area (seemed like an interrogation room in the first), and realized that I didn't want to be there, and tried to escape. In the previous dream, I had stood up from my chair and demanded we are all let free. I was then grabbed from behind and injected with something in my neck, waking me up. What I find interesting was that in this new dream, there was a woman behind me setting up to inject me with something, but I noticed beforehand. This time I was attempting to keep cool and not let anyone know I knew that we were being held captive, and that I was going to try to escape. Also, in this one I think I was the only one who was being held, and the rest were my captors (aside from the 'other guy my age' who appeared at some point. This was a very interesting dream, as I was more 'lucid' (although not in the pure sense of the word) in the dream, as I was taking note of things and acting on them in the dream, as opposed to just watching it passively, as a movie.

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