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Dream Journal Chapter 22: Another Drummer My Age

Posted by _Only , 04 December 2012 · 157 views


Night dream I was at some family gathering at some house. I can't remember much of any of it, but I remember knowing that this was my house,
because there was a music room with my drums (an acoustic kit) and guitars. There was another guy my age in there playing them when I went in,
and some of my family was listening to him play. I wanted to play myself, but decided to let him. One of my relatives (grandma? aunt?) was
noting how loud it was. She said it nicely, but I could tell she didn't like the volume. --- 12/3/12

Another dream involving family. I've been having many recently. Also the return of 'another guy my age', a recurring character in my dreams. One of those odd dream things of seeing a person there, but not actually noticing any characteristics of them. They are simply: another guy my age. I just get the strong feeling that this being is a part of me. I decided to let him play.

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