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Dream Journal Chapter 31: Two Dreams A Year Apart

Posted by _Only , 03 January 2013 · 296 views

Just a couple dreams a year apart. One on the night of 12/31/12 and one on 1/1/13.


Night dream I was in a huge mansion lobby at night. There were these bad ghost type things around that I was searching for and fighting.

Night dream I was at a campgrounds type place at night. I was parking my new little car there. It was shaped like a van but was very tiny. I
was happy to have it in dream because it was such a good deal. I remember I got it for around 40 dollars new.I parked it next to a bigger
(normal sized) camper van, and was afraid I had hit it when I heard some noises while parking. But I was relieved to find I didn't, and
started to walk away. I saw that it was very close to the camper though, and I hoped they could get out okay. Now the big camper was going
out, and was able to get by my car. But as they puled away, their trailer lost balance and tipped, crashing down. I felt bad and realized now
that this was my dad's camper, and he was driving. He got out to gather it up, and as he was looking through the things in the trailer, there
was a small ice box in it. This was my trailer from my little van (it was somehow inside his camper now), and I told him this as he didn't
know what it was. --- 12/31/12

All I remember from the first dream was a vague view of the large setting. It was like a huge cathedral, with stained glass windows I think. I also think there might have been pews, and it was multi-leveled (the upper levels walkways around the perimeter of the massive room. That's all I remember of my apparent ghost hunting/slaying dream, lol.

The second was a funny dream, because I vaguely remember the tiny van. I mean this thing was tiny, like barely able to fit one person tiny. Yet it was somehow a van, lol. Also the price made me laugh; 'only 40 dollars'! The worrying about moving and parking it in tight places is a common dream worry of mine. Always afraid of running into something and trying to be careful but unsure of myself. I bet there's a good translation for my dad's larger camper getting tipped over, and him finding my little one inside it, but I just am not there yet. But the thought of my lil van being so small that its trailer is an icebox makes me smile.

Now for the next night.


Night dream I was in the city I have had multiple dreams in before, but have never been to in real life. It was an urban setting. I was trying to get
home, but had no car. I was searching around for something to use to make it home quicker, and a few guys on skateboards came up. They were
doing boardslides on a rail. I was going to ask one if I could borrow their skateboard to go home, but was thinking that they would just say
no. I had somehow found a tattered skateboard of my own, and was skating around by them. I started to also boardlside the rail. I then also
tried to do some ollies on the skateboard, but it wouldn't pop right. I felt a bit embarassed in front of the others that I couldn't do this,
and kept wanting to blame the board, though I wasn't so sure it was just the board's fault. I then decided it was time to go, and on my way
out, saw another skateboard hanging from a rail. It was very large, looking almost like one of those all terrain boards. I grabbed it and
saw that there was a grassy hill, small but steep, right in front of me. It looked dangerous but I wanted to ride this skateboard down it. I
think I was just about to as I woke up. --- 1/1/13

This was a cool little dream. I used to skateboard, but haven't thought about it in a long time. The city setting is interesting because I've had many dreams (all of different scenarios and stories) in this city, all seemingly unrelated. The searching for my way home dream is a common one for me. Usually it involves me confused and getting increasingly worried, but in this one it quickly gave way from me trying to find my way, to me messing around on a skateboard. I was making a big attempt to show the others that I knew what I was doing and careful to try to not embarrass myself (both being the typical me in waking life), but much as in waking life, I felt in the dream that I wasn't measuring up. I didn't like this feeling in the dream, and also didn't like that I was worrying about this at all. But the dream ended well, with me seeing a dangerous little hill, and me deciding to ride down it. And then waking up.

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