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Dream Journal Chapter 33: Work, Work, and More Work

Posted by _Only , 13 January 2013 · 331 views

Well, it's been awhile since I added any dreams to my journal here, for three reasons.

1. I have barely remembered any.
2. They were dirt boring.
3. It mostly just slipped my mind until I wasn't available for using the computer.

Well, without further ado, three very boring dreams:


Night dream I was at work (a place looking very similar to where I work), and had just moved to a different position in another building; a
sort of CEO type building. I was excited about this, but went back to the store part where I used to work. There was a new girl there, and she
was seeming stressed about how busy it was and learning the job. And my manager was kind of getting on her like she does to try to train her
into dealing with a high activity/high stress workplace. Now for some reason I was working in the deli, and was making her a sandwich at the
sandwich bar. I was having a lot of difficulty doing it quickly and right, and was worried I was taking too long. It seemed a very long time
it took me to make her sandwich. She seemed impatient, making me even more worried, and taking longer. --- 1/4/13

Night dream I was at work, and everyone was talking about how well we were doing in comparison to how well we used to do. We used to be doing
very well in ratings or examination, but now weren't doing as well. I felt bad because others were on the team before when we were doing well,
and now that I was working here, we weren't doing as well. I felt a bit jealous hearing of old workers being here when we were doing much
better. There was some thing we were supposed to say that also got us a good rating, but I didn't know how to say it right and was worried
about this. [coworker] was at counter and I was wanting to help her by getting her something. She told me she had an eating disorder and needed
some type of pills. This caught me by surprise, but I wanted to find them for her. --- 1/10/13

Night dream I was at work and a big guy (who comes in some times in waking life) came to buy something. He was with a kid I think, and after
seeing the kid's dad come up and do something, I realized that the big guy was this families bodyguard. As I was getting him something, the
big guy got called by the dad to go get a bag of potatoes. He said he'd be right back, so I got what he wanted and waited for him. I thought
it was nice that he was needed like that, and was helping the family. --- 1/11/13

The usual situations/feelings I have in my work dreams. Worried I'm not doing well, not good enough, etc. while trying to do my best, and sometimes moving to a high position in the company. This directly translates to waking life work situation for me (minus the CEO part), but less severe in 'real life', thankfully.

Aside from that usual work stuff (which oddly often seems to involve me doing things that aren't my usual common duties, usually making sandwiches), there were a couple points of interest.  Having my coworker all of a sudden tell me she has an eating disorder was of course the first. And the whole 'big black guy' being this families body guard, grabbing them potatoes, making me feel good for their situation in a loving way is especially humorous to me.

Dreams. It's all about the emotions, I think. The rest are just props in the play. Hopefully my dream activity picks up and I have some doozies. This is getting annoying.

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