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Dream Journal Chapter 35: Old Feelings Revisited

Posted by _Only , 18 January 2013 · 324 views


Night dream I was with [friend] and we went some place. It was a small white room. We were expecting a girl to show up (M) and she did arrive. I
was glad because I was hoping she came, because I liked her. But she seemed to like [friend] instead of me, which I noticed and it made me
feel bad, but  I tried to not show it. [friend] had something he was laying down in the room to measure it. He had [M] hold one end down. I
then realized it was measuring tape, and started to tell him he didn't need anything else (I thought he was going to get something else to
measure) because he was already using measuring tape, but I realized he knew this and was done. I felt a bit dumb for just realizing this.
Layla was in room now and was running around. I got on my back to play with her and she came over to wrestle playfully. I was hoping
[M] would see, to see  how much Layla liked me. Later I remember a few little young girls, and a, few girls my age being in room. They
were playing with these little snow globe type flat blue circle things, that had little blue flakes in them. They were playing some type of
game with them. --- 1/16/13

Not in the mood for translation; just recording it.

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