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Dream Journal Chapter 39: He Just Wanted 1 Thing

Posted by _Only , 31 January 2013 · 366 views


Night dream I was at a pool party of some family. I think I was at my mom's house, and climbed up some wall into the ceiling, which led me to
this backyard with a family and their pool party. They seemed happy and welcoming to me. They were having fun, but at some point a problem
occurred with the youngest son (of two?) and the dad. The youngest son was sad that the dad didn't do something. The dad was angry because
he did all this for the kid, but he still wasn't happy. At first I was sympathetic for the dad I think, but later realized that the kid had
this one thing tied to his memory that his dad did for him, and that's the only reason he wanted him to do it. So then I felt for the boy,
and was angry that, while the dad did other things for the kid, he should just do this one thing the boy wanted. I can't remember what it
actually was.

***No way I'm writing this particular dream I had here. I don't have many of these, but wow. Next dream***

Morning dream I was at some shore type place; an outside building on the waterline, with little boats along the edge. I was working here, and
was wondering who was working with me down on the other end. I thought it was [R] from my real life work, but it turned out to be [P]. I was
wondering why they had left the boat on their end the way it was, and then someone came and told me to call my friend who knew what happened,
and desperately needed to talk to me. I didn't know who they were talking about so didn't know who to call, but then somehow knew that it
was my friend [D]. I couldn't remember his number, but found it in my phone and called him. He told me that he and [P] had gone off together
to some dog fight they were gambling at, and something terrible went wrong. This was a very odd and bad situation already, but I don't remember
exactly what happened next in his story. I woke up sometime during this. --- 1/29/13

The first dream I vaguely remember parts of, and still remember being sad about the son only wanted his dad to do one thing for him. I saw this moment from two sides. First, the dad's, in feeling hurt that he did so much for the kid, but the boy was still sad. The the boy's, just wanting one thing that the dad wouldn't do for him. I don't know how to translate this, but it had a compelling feel.

The second dream was just plain odd, and seemed very symbolic in events and objects involved. The shore? The boats? The phone? The dog fight? Gambling? I don't remember any of this dram except a vague memory of the shore building and boats, which also hurts any translation, because I usually do this through feeling, and can't get the feelings back through simply reading the events again.

This is hard!

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