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Perfume and the power it has

Posted by Sunny Day , 06 November 2012 · 580 views

perfume memories anais anais roses
I was getting dressed this morning and thought about how I am getting low on my favourite perfume (Anais Anais) and wondered about trying a different one. I own about 5 or 6 different ones, and a couple are quite nice but never lift me up quite as much as my good old Anais Anais. Fidji comes close, but it's so hard to find in Australia. The simple rose one from Crabtree and Evelyn is good too, and not too 'grannyish' but you don't want to overdo it.

Anyway, it feels very private spelling out my tastes in perfume. It IS a private thing since it really speaks about who we are, I think.

I first pinched some Anais Anais from a flatmate when I was 16.  I had just been let loose on the big wide world (I had never been exposed to such luxuries as French perfume) and fell in love with it.  I used to waft past some young men at the train station (after pinching a squirt) and I overheard them speaking favourably of me. This all cemented in my mind that the perfume was a gift from the universe.  For my birthday I was given my own bottle and I am forever grateful to my workmates and my flatmate for introducing me to it.

Every time I wear it my husband comments on how nice I smell (we've been together 18 years and this never gets old) and my kids now recognise it as 'Mum's smell'.

I know there are many people that are allergic to, or just can't stand, perfume.  Also that some others truly over do it or kill a lovely pefume by wearing it when it obviously dosen't react well with their skin type.  It's a shame, as I feel they are missing out on one of life's many little pleasures.

I love aromatherapy too (as you have probably guessed) but that may be a post for another day.  Now, your turn, dear readers, what is your favourite perfume and why?

Simbi Laveau
Nov 07 2012 05:24 AM
I used to wear Anais Anais .
My all time fave is the original Oscar de la Renta ,and my latest is Insolence by Guerlain . However,at this point in my life ,I tend to def to witchy oils ,over store bought perfumes,unless I'm in a rush ,and I just spray .
I love AMMAs rose oil too .
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My favourite is Youth Dew by Yardley....I don't wear it, but it reminds me of my late Nanny who I loved very much.
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