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Lord of hosts , of seed.

Posted by Borana , 09 December 2012 · 286 views

Unless serpent wisdom left civilization
unless caleb dog honesty left fertility seed
we could be primitive, famished.

Adam and Eve became naked and dead, because they ate manna. Perished , infertility seed and didn't preserve their advanced culture , civilization. The serpent of interval of last end time deceived them , showing not era of...


North pole

Posted by Borana , 08 December 2012 · 266 views

God is spirit , god is matter
no man knows , which one is better
i mean describing
why God is invisible,

God is all in all
corporeal , incorporeal.

Ancient symbol North
of God, new heaven and earth
south sut for satan , hell and hearth.
   North pole and south
choiced my compass north
Matter and Spirit
choiced my soul...



Posted by Borana , 02 December 2012 · 329 views

Where is my god ?who i trusted
but he always forgot me, i forgotten.
Elohi Elohi , lama sabactani
my god why forsaken me.
My honour equate with. .
My bowl mixed with. .
I slept outside with . .  
But my conscience not with. .
   Dogs i hated , but not
my friends with them i slept
  created like my body image
those look like mirage.


Sign of time

Posted by Borana , 02 December 2012 · 396 views

We are in 'End time' zone , as 'signs of time' tells us. The enemy of woman , serpent sending the water out of its mouth to flood the woman. If earth wouldn't help the woman, the chao will overcome us. Life on planet earth will exterminate.
   I hope the seed of a woman will unseal the book of encoded message. Adam will ' know '...



Posted by Borana , 11 November 2012 · 653 views

The Gada System is a system of Gadaa classes (luba) or a portion of the genealogical generations that succeed each other every eight years in assuming political, military, judicial, legislative and ritual responsibilities.  A “generation” is forty years long and is made up of five gada classes. It is headed by Abba...

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