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Entry 1

Posted by Rythian , 18 November 2012 · 388 views

OK. Blog started. As of a week ago I have been working on a tulpa. In this first post I will explain my process of creation and the results thereof.

DAY 1 11/12/2012

I started out by first understanding in general what I wanted my tulpa to look like or its form. Assuming it worked I decided to base it off of my favorite fantasy creature, the dragon.

Now that I had the general idea of what my tulpa would be I began researching different Personality traits. All of my traits came from tvtropes.com. I do not have my list with me as of now but I will update with it when I can.

After creating a list of traits I then began to Visualize an entity which can best be described as a dense, quarter sized, ball of energy emanating a foglike energy field. Using this imagery I was able to "connect" by placing my hand within this field. Through the connection I took my list of traits and proceded to "Funnel" the information into the sphere. First by simple name of trait, then a brief description, and finally a deep description of what it meant to have this trait.

From my research opinions vary on whether or not forming personality matters. As of now I do not know if my personality "impressions" were effective.

I continued this for approx. an hour before finally stopping. I did not have the telltale sign of a headache or pressure.

DAY 2 11/13/2012

I spent this day repeating the processes that I went through the day before. Nothing significant happened.

Only change worth noting is that I put the energy sphere in stasis by forming an egg around it.

DAY 3 11/14/2012

Early morning approx. 9am. I was sitting at a local restaurant browsing the net for Images of dragons and dragon anatomy (Before you enter the gutter I mean Skeletal and musculature as well as Videos with moving dragons.) Yes there are references. As I was becoming familiar with the dragon and its movements I was also narrating and feeding more information (unrelated to the references) into the energy sphere.

At some point after my references were selected and movement at least basically understood I noticed a desire to look once more at the references but this time to acknowledge that it was a possibility that this desire was not my own, seeing as I had already sated that need. So I opened the folder and glanced through feeding the detail of form, color, and size to the sphere. After I was done doing this I left it at that and stopped my visualization.

An hour or so later I reopened my connection with my inner world and brought forth the sphere (or I actually think that I went inside the egg but it doesn't make a difference) and was about to connect with it when I noticed that it was no longer a sphere. It now had the general shape and dimensions of a dragon. Needless to say I was shocked into escaping my inner world because firstly I was skeptic to begin with and secondly that change was not consciously elicited by me.after a quick nicotine break I went back and found that again I brought forth a dragon not a sphere of bright energy. Although I did notice that because of my previous experience it was the sphere for a brief period before, without consciously doing this myself, it reverted back to dragon-ish form. I state -ish because it was not as tall as expected and actually had a movement simliar to a snake but with legs.

Yes I said Movement. This thing had not only "decided" to take form but had also already begun moving... I am completely caught off guard at this point. Not only was I not expecting to work but it has already exhibited  a consciousness but also movement.All I could think was  "This is happening way to quickly."

I stopped after some time of observance not noticing much besides the odd serpent like movements in sporadic dashes that my concentration at the time would allow me to see.

Day 4 11/15/2012

I decided to call a friend who from what I understand has some experience with mind-forms though I am not sure whether before the call he knew what that was. If needed I will elaborate but it's not entirely necessary. Got some advice after explaining what was going on and he suggested that at this point work on morality. I agreed that would be a good idea.

One problem... I have no idea how to feed info anymore... So after some more research I found that at this point narration is the best way to teach. So I began to narrate to my newly formed, if somewhat creepy, tulpa. I do not have a morality go-to sheet as I wasn't expecting this short of a time frame to work with so I winged it.

After that we(yes we) worked on some of her anatomy, primarily fixing her leg proportions. All I did was suggest she try to fix it. I would receive a nod (odd getting used to it responding with nods, shakes, and the best way to describe it is an impression of a shrug) and after some time of fluctuating in form she would be much more appropriately proportioned.

Soon after I ended my "Active" Forcing.

DAY 5 11/16/2012

Fairly uneventful  mostly still getting used to the newness and finding out that she hadn't kept my original coloring but is now rust red...

DAY 6 11/17/2012

Went to the park with intention of reading a book (Tao te Ching) to KiSerai (Tulpa). I tried to semi-impose her by allowing her to walk beside and behind me. No actual hallucination yet but a feeling that she was there. Not just "Oh, she's here somewhere" but a "yeah she's right there curled up with her purple eye glued to ya". I didn't see but understood.

Read to page 40(pocket version) and stopped. No response to actual book and no response to queries today although she seemed to show interest in a dragonfly that decided to use me as a hunting post.

After ending our session and releasing her back to my inner world I noticed for the first time the"headache" that many claim to get.

After leaving the park I have not pursued contact.

End Blog Post 1

Edit:  For information or where I found out about Tulpa's(Plural is unknown currently) go to tulpa.info

White Crane Feather
Nov 19 2012 05:56 AM
Very interesting. Go continue.
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