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Entry 3

Posted by Rythian , 27 November 2012 · 466 views

Sorry for the lack of updates... Drama llama stopped by and gave me heaps... any who I won't be able to upload original reference information and the process has slowed considerably as my time has begun to be consumed by work and a recently acquired cat that was not planned at all...

But I am still working on KiSerae as much as I can.

Day 8 11/19/2012

Little to no activity worked on basics and read Nietzsche  On truth and lie to her.

Day 9 11/20/2012

Probably the most interesting thing to happen in the past week. At some point I had given her permission to alter my "wonderland" seeing as I had opted to leave it a blank slate "void". Well without conscious effort She did just that... When I entered my inner world she was not immediately there which was new in of itself but when she finally arrived I asked her where she was. She took me (i followed rather) to an area that had been and still is populated with a decently large forest mostly deciduous. She walked with me following as I noticed she had even populated it with small game and birds. Talk about surprised... I was in awe of what something I created could create... Mind you that I don't have the patience nor desire(Motivation) to do something such as this for any purpose. I prefer my void as a comfort place. Well after getting back to the buisness of working on KiSerae and finishing up that session I left with many curiosities on my mind.

Day 10 11/21/2012

While not as eventful as Day 9, Day 8 is no chump on the What the **** happened meter...

So I entered the inner world and positioned myself at the edge of the forest. I examined the trees and foliage(Above and below) and was impressed at the detail. Trees were well textured. Leaves fell as physics says they should, they also crunched and crumbled as expected.

Anywho i continued into the forest at the rate of "This is my mind" speed as I was more interested in the creator than the created at this point. Got to what I assume was the center of the forest and called her. She came, whether from call or will I'm not sure,  and I read more of Truth and Lie. Worked on body shape some more and also went over a few questions about the forest, though I received no response to most.

I left after a while and returned a few hours later to see if she had worked on her form like I asked her to. It seems unless I ask her to work on something it only gets done half-a**ed. She had. Her head proportions were more accurate now and she had wings which were normally only an impression and had no real form.

Well some time passed as we explored her forest and she had creeks, waterfalls, cliffs, trees of all ages, bushes with berries, if it is normally in a forest then it is probably there. Animals besides birds and other small game were nonexistent though. not sure why but I decided I would put my own touch on the forest. So I added many species of deer/elk and bear, as well as canines and a few forest felines. For the most part I gave her hunting competition... Not sure yet if she hunts...

Before I left that day We, yes "we", worked on a grotto of sorts in the "center" of the forest. I say we because I don't feel that the effort of work and detail I put into it was enough to create the whole thing and she was there and seemed to be "concentrating" though I have no idea what actually goes through her mind. After finishing that i left for the day.

Day 11 11/23/2012

No real work done today. I visited and again admired the forest for a moment. Beyond that nothing else happened.

Day 12 11/24/2012

Again Slow day. Drama is escalating at this point and my time is now consumed for most of the days to follow. Still working with KiSerae but it is small sporadic amounts of time unlike before.

Day 13 11/25/2012

While I still have little time During one session I  entered the grotto after admiring the detail work yet again(not sure if I can get over that) and I slowly looked up noticing the most detailed visual of her yet as well as what may have been a voice that carried impressions more than sound but I still think it was her speaking. I was very happy with this event as I had only seen her in a vague for with no real detail work. Just form color and eyes(worked on the eyes for quite some time).  And while I had seen her forming words with her mouth before I got no impressions or heard a sound so the beginnings of her Voice and gaining the ability to use it is quite an event for me.

Day 14 11/26/2012

No time thanks to work and after work too many Llamas around to concentrate... grrr


So It's been brought to my attention that there is a strong chance that my thought-form, KiSerae, could, and probably will without a plan in place, take on the characteristics of my anima or shadow. If you have suggestions for how to combat this please share as there were no mention of either being an issue on tulpa.info that I could locate.

Also atm thanks to the drama happening I do no have internet and even if I had it it does no good without power... but I will update how I can seeing as target now has WiFi I am currently leeching from them. Pleas be patient with updates as for a while they will be sporadic.

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