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Strange stranger

Posted by RustyMaiden , 19 November 2012 · 419 views

Good day all,

I was wondering if someone might have some insight for me regarding my strange connection to a stranger. My boyfriend and I recently moved into our first house together. Within the first 2 months of being there we noticed a young man walking past every day ... in the morning and in the evening (On his way to work and back). Eventually we started greeting him and giving a friendly wave. Then one day as I saw him walking past a name popped into my head "TOM" (Alias) and I thought it quite strange as I have never had an experience like that before and I started sensing him before he appeared walking past my house and started feeling an odd connection with him. Then one afternoon on my way home it was storming and saw him walking home, I stopped and offered him a lift which he accepted. I introduced myself and so did he and it turns out the name that went through my mind that day was infact his name "TOM".

I have a strange feeling about him and it seems as if he can see right through me. We have spoken and socialised and I told him about my experience with him. He got goosebumps and said he has the same feeling of connection with my boyfriend and I?? From the first day we spoke he seems to just know me so well. Im so confused about this all this has never happened to me before. Can anyone tell me their thoughts. Thanks Rusty

Ever Learning
Nov 19 2012 12:33 PM
ive had a experience where me and this girl completely froze when we first met as we where both under the impression that we knew each other but was no possible way.
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If I was to believe in reincarnation, (which I don't), I would say this sounds like you knew each other in a previous life?!

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spartan max2
Nov 20 2012 02:11 AM
I cant really help you. But thats interesting
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