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Dream about my deceased mother

Posted by reema8097 , 22 November 2012 · 535 views

I had a dream about my Deceased mother.My mom passed away in 2007. I had a dream about her serveral time.But this one was unusual. i was front of temple. Standing outside of temple.I was pushed inside the temple by some forces and when i got in.saw my mom.she was praying inside.When i saw her i asked her mom.how r you.Do you see miss us and do you miss my brother sisters.She was hessitating and trying to say no but then i hugged her and she had tears in her eyes as well.I would trying to figure out what she trying to say to me.

Sounds pretty fantastic. I've had similar experiences that I wrote about in my Kindle book: Life Goes On, A Skeptic's Afterlife Education.
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Who knows, if there is an afterlife, why would not our familly keep in touch?  I have a good friend who is catholic, I think he would say that your mother wants you to pray for her.

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dear in that world there are no water so plz daily give water to the plants as you give ur mother so that it help urs mother by which she happy there and by which she always in touch with u and she will always help u in every problem
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Dreams are just a reflections of the thoughts. The subconcious mind is very powerful and plays whatever you wish or strictly dont wish in this material world.
In case your mom actually wants to say something. you just need to wait and watch for some more time. Spirits have ways to communicate so plz wait for some more signs.
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