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Way of bliss

Posted by Borana , 16 December 2012 · 340 views

Sin or human pride consistently and violently pushes up the pious man as his  tradition and formal religious statement of beliefs making shift towards tolerance and higher knowledge, but wisdom will go on to improve his sick evil intent. Wisdom will not concede to anyone , their dogma doctrine creed of founder of religious organization or mass worshippers....


River Pison

Posted by Borana , 12 December 2012 · 373 views

Four rivers come out of the garden of eden. They are  pison, ghion, hiddikel and ephrates. Pison may be white nile from kenya . . Ghion is blue nile from abyssinia it is  a boundary to egypt. These rivers are in south hemisphere, sut  Sud , sudan . The child Israel, jesus was here. He spent his  childhood till his age become 30. This sud hemisphere from...


Dec. 25

Posted by Borana , 11 December 2012 · 232 views

I tried tell to men these days, where jesus birth place is and where he crucified . At concentration camp in cannan , betlehem and jerusalem are his first and last place. But when these normalized the birth place of jesus is in Namoratunga and where he sacrificed himself is on altar of Giza pyramid in Egypt.  Kallu of oromo is better significence of jesus .


Self immolation

Posted by Borana , 05 December 2012 · 348 views

Ancients pyramid which are in egypt
Temple in middle east
obelisk in abyssinia
calendar in nebta playa
what was its big purpose
in their little mustard of faith?

Self sacrifice ancients design
of their toil , their sungods sign
drawing of prophet
statue of christ

to save present


Crazy hope

Posted by Borana , 04 December 2012 · 303 views

What is next ?

next day , what will bring ?
mourn to tear?, song to sing ?
Is it sin to hope,
where is no hope ?
Or foolishness ?

where i am now ?
how did yester sow ?
what taste has now ?
my mow

where i was , what i did
yesterday ?
how i was ,who feed
my famished day?
I wonder
i didn't exactly know yesterday where i was .



Posted by Borana , 03 December 2012 · 321 views

Where is my coffin, ark ?
Which i buried in,    covenant of ark.
Children of israel swore ,
  to remember me
kingship and priesthood were in me.
   I was prince in Egypt , i was priest in Ethiopia
teacher of righteousness in nubia
sun , moon , stars
peoples , nations
gave honour to me
i had dream following me  
my coffin was in wilderness
how ?...

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