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My own unexplained occurrences

Posted by HAEB , 22 December 2012 · 345 views

I'm just like anybody else on this earth, I have questions and wonders, I always find comfort in logical explanations to the less than normal happenings in my life. No, I don't claim to be a physic or a medium or in anyway have understandings of anything mysterious. I just want answers or maybe even comforting possibilities from others who can relate. Some how I've always felt out of touch with friends and people older
or my age in general. I always felt my brain was just....different. In my way of thinking, reasoning. I'm just relieved I've found a place to talk
about things without feeling totally ridiculous. I guess I could blame the coincidence of my mothers habit of moving us into allegedly haunted houses which i have not only just come to know and believe me they all have a very colourful histories. But maybe my happenings are simply stress induced hallucinations, perhaps I was tired or coming out of sleep and seeing things that are simply not there, or maybe I was just dreaming. All these things I have considered, but I have also considered another more radical notion. Maybe I did see these things...but when I let that possibility sink in it only seems to disturb me further and shatter my illusions of a perfect world. Whether or not I saw them is debatable but what is not is the fact that these memories are stuck in my mind and are unanswered. And that's what I plan to do with my blog. Tell my stories which I sadly have more than I wish I did. So here's the start of the tale of my life & maybe someone out there can relate.

I was always terrified when things happened, it started when I was young. But despite my amazing memory which is impeccable by the way it seems like i blocked out alot of it and from the sound of it, it sounds like I suppressed it out of fear. Even now when I sleep the curtains must be drawn and the closets closed. My mother talks of it rarely but the story remains the same. It all started with the dream she had when she was pregnant with me and my twin sister. She was far along I believe six months when she woke up from a dream where a monstrous looking being told her that her baby would die, that it would be stripped from her and taken. She had this dream which scared her but like anyone assume it was just a dream & it just so happened one day she was doing laundry in the basement and while carrying up a load in the basket she made her way up to the living room & sat on the chair and started folding clothes before seeing a small trail of blood leading from where she came all the way to the chair. That day she miscarried. When she went to the hospital the doctors couldn't find any heart beats, none what so ever which today I find strange considering the technology but anyway they insisted that she take a pill flushing and removing the remains because her babies were dead. After a long battle my mother fought and won and never did take the pill and as it turns out sadly she did loose a baby, my sister. But after a while and a visit to another doctor apparently I was still alive. I can tell every time she tells that story she gets scared, and also sad. She always told me the dream scared her to death and if she could call him anything she though he was a demon, maybe even a devil.. As I know no references perhaps she was just an hormonal stressed out pregnant woman who's religious fear triggered a strange dream that just so happened right before a tragic miscarriage that should have killed me. Who knows. But this was the start of my life and it's unexplained occurrences and stranger things have happened. But her story stayed with me & I believe her truth.

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