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THE CONTROL SYSTEM OF RELIGION(S) be aware and careful!

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 06 January 2013 · 477 views

hello  my fellow friends and american people.remember i said and mentioned the illuminati and their methods of control systems well religion(S) are one of them as well!!!don;t believe thats your choice after all we do have free will choice.think of me as a crazy person or whatever you may think of me i don't care.what i am going to say is that religion takes away our personal power.why for one thing we are all a extension of god and i ain't talking about the gods that religions speak of.god is unconditional love and pure love only.god does not punish for not believing in god and note i say only "god"  not jesus christ or etc because the truth is nobody knows how god looks like.we are extensions of god we have the power within ourselves to create,nurture,fix our own problems and etc we do not have to get on our knees and pray to a tin god like religions do.earth is a free will planet zone and another thing is we have to start taking care of the planet earth and mother nature herself better.nature is amazing and very powerful as well.we humans are not beyond nature herself we are not greater than nature.humans do not know what real love is and what real unconditional love really is and means.religions limit us to just human but i am here to say we are gods each one us we are a extension of god or the creator.the illuminati and these secret societies are very smart and intelligent more than we think and very powerful and strong but we the people are more powerful.we have more power than they have and together we are very very powerful together.we need to take our power back and personal power back.the illuminati,the new world order and this race called the reptilians are the real ones in power and running the show not the government.believe it or not the government is just a puppet to them and the illuminati,new world order and the reptilians are the puppet master!!!they have symbols everywhere in money,music industry, and things i can't even imagine or know about yet.their influence is great also they control the mainstream media as well and religion.we need to help earth and mother nature and we need to wake up and wise and see the truth.because the truth will set us free.real freedom comes from within and last thing do not fear consume you or cripple you fear is very dangerous and problematic!!!love is the most powerful force in the whole entire universe thats why these illuminati,NWO AND THE REPTILIANS FEAR LOVE BECAUSE NOTHING BEATS LOVE.THE ILLUMINATI,NEW WORLD ORDER AND THE REPTILIANS LOVE WAR,DESPAIR,SADNESS,ANGER AND THESE NEGATIVE ENERGIES AND EMOTIONS THEY FEED FROM IT AND USE AS CATTLE WE ARE NOTHING TO THEM BUT STUPID CATTLE AND SLAVES TO THEM.WE HAVE TO TAKE BACK CONTROL AND WAKE UP FROM THIS DREAM AND FALSE REALITY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!there are forces out there helping us and trying to save us and wake us up and etc but we need to listen and do our part as well.we are greater and powerful.choose love not fear,choose hope not despair,choose peace instead of war

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