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invasion of freedom and privacy by the U.S.A goverment nothing new but dangerous and getting worse

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 11 January 2013 · 354 views

our freedoms and privacy is being under attacked by the U.S.A government everyday by our president Barack obama himself and the thing is hes doing it behind our back and the back of the american people.we are the most lied to people in the world especially when it comes to UFOs and E.Ts.the united states goverment had been to the moon six times already and evry single time they saw UFOs and etc and got it on pictures but they won't show us the pictures.you know what they do and did people they blurred the spots they captured UFOs on the pictures.President Barack Obama may look kind,honest and etc but he ain't.the government is not for the people anymore not like they were intended to be or created to be for in the 1st place,when people fear the goverment they no longer have a government they have a TYRANT!president obama is attacking our freedom and privacy.the government was trying to gain control of the world wide web a.k.a. the internet i wonder why?duh so they could control the flow of information and block out the truth and restrict and limit and biggest reason take away our freedom of speech.also under our so called president he now issued permission to let and turn on SPY DRONESto spy on the AMERICAN PEOPLE!why people ask yourselves why does he have to go that far and invade our privacy andetc???the governemnt is paranoid and is no longer a government but a TYRANT.how much are we going to stand by and let them interfere with out freedom and privacy.some people might its for the best interest of the people or they are doing to protect us the american people well wrong again people!!!thats not why!!!now china wants to disarm the american people why???knowing china it can't be good and it especially ain't because they are so loving and caring.i'm not promoting violence in anyway but you got to ask yourselves how much are going to let them get away with and stand by as we watch them do these things to us and to our nation called the U.S.A..there's a saying that goes like this "I love my country but i fear my government"

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