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Lucy Chapter 2

Posted by Xanthurion2 , 16 April 2013 · 448 views

lucy story chapter two

By now, Lucy's hair has grown long again. She has faded into obscurity amid the cliques and has practically become invisible. She has no friends. She talks to no one. Until today.

When Lucy goes to school today, she assumes it will be a normal day. But today marks the beginning of a new chapter in Lucy Newhart's life. The day starts normally. Lucy attends her regular classes with no problems. She eats her lunch alone as usual. She endures "the look" from almost everyone without finally flipping her lid and attacking someone. As usual. It is only in the class right after lunch when the unusual happens. Lucy has been hearing rumors all day about a new student but has yet to see him or her. From what Lucy overhears, someone's friend saw a Chinese girl in the office. If the rumors are true, this girl will be the first Asian to ever go to this tiny public school in the middle of nowhere. But with the way rumors spread, she may not be Asian. She may not even be a girl.

It doesn't matter to Lucy. Girl or boy. Asian or not. She has no intention of making friends. Lucy takes her seat. The subject is Algebra 2. She gathers her materials and waits patiently and emotionless for class to start. The bell signifying the beginning of class rings. Everyone is already in their seats when the new girl walks in with the teacher. Mrs. Bakersfield is an older woman (about 60), average height with graying hair. She is wearing one of her favorite dresses with flowers printed all over it. In other words, she is a standard old lady. Standing beside her is the opposite. A beautiful young Asian girl, with jet black hair. She is wearing a black skirt and a T-shirt with a rock band emblazoned on the front. Lucy doesn't recognize the band nor can she read what is written on the shirt. But she recognizes the characters as kanji. Lucy started to learn the Japanese language once but quit when her life decided to go to hell. Since then she doesn't care about learning things that aren't required. But the things Lucy does learn are with her forever. She is an extremely intelligent young woman despite her misfortune.

"Now class," Mrs. Bakersfield begins, "would you all please welcome miss Chiyoko...how do you say your last name, dear?"
"Yamamoto." The girl replies.
"Miss Chiyoko Yamamoto. You can take the empty seat by the window there."
"Thank you."

As everyone says 'hi', Chiyoko walks to her seat by the window which just so happens to also be beside Lucy. All the boys in the room are watching her. They have all been instantly infatuated with the exotic new girl. Lucy can't blame them. Chiyoko is quite attractive. Lucy even finds herself watching her as she takes her seat.
"Hi." Chiyoko says with a smile. Lucy says nothing but manages a small smile in return. Mrs. Bakersfield resumes class.

"I trust you all did your homework last night? I hope so because it's time for a pop quiz!"
The entire class groans in unison. The teacher continues, "When I hand you the quiz, give me your homework." Now Mrs. Bakersfield addresses Chiyoko directly. "Miss Yamamoto, I am giving you a quiz also, to determine how much you know compared to my other students. Do you understand?"
"Yes, I understand." Chiyoko replies.
"Good, do you know English very well?" Mrs. Bakersfield begins passing out the quiz and collecting homework.
"Yes, everyone said my English was very good."
"It is. I'm surprised they teach you so well over there. You are from Japan, correct?"
"Yes, Osaka."
"And is that a large city?"
"Yes. My parents wanted a quiet place in America. So we moved here."
"Well, I hope you like it. We're glad to have you. Here you go." Mrs. Bakersfield gives her the quiz.
"Thank you."

Lucy can barely keep her eyes from Chiyoko. She has been watching her, studying her face throughout the entire conversation. In fact, everyone in the room has. Lucy doesn't know if they have seen what she sees. Chiyoko is almost identical to Lucy in every way. The only difference Lucy can see is the eyes. Has anyone else noticed? Lucy turns and tries to focus on the quiz everyone else has already started on, but she can't stop thinking about how strange it is. How can someone from so far away look exactly like her? It's impossible. Lucy turns her attention to her quiz. It's all basic equations and things they have been learning since the beginning of class. It's easy going for Lucy but her quick glances at Chiyoko tell her, the new girl is having a bit of trouble. She looks a little confused. At that moment, Lucy is struck with an overwhelming sensation to help her. But that would require speaking to her. Talking to someone in order to help them is a good way to start a friendship and that is the last thing Lucy wants. She doesn't need friends. So she turns back to her quiz. She is on the last problem when Chiyoko taps her shoulder. This startles Lucy.

"May I borrow your calculator?" Chiyoko asks quietly.
"Sure." Lucy says and gives her the calculator.
"Thank you." Chiyoko says. Lucy doesn't say 'you're welcome'. She is shocked. She has said her first word outside of her house in almost four years. And it is all because some new Japanese girl who bears a striking resemblance to Lucy tapped her on the shoulder and asked for a calculator. Lucy doesn't know if anyone has heard. She thinks no one has or they would have started with the joking and name-calling by now. Lucy doesn't know how she let it slip out but she tells herself it won't happen again.

"Thank you." Chiyoko says again and gives the calculator back. Lucy finishes the quiz. At the same time, four others put down their pencils and start relaxing in their desks. For the first time in three years, Lucy has not finished long before her classmates. She gently places her pencil on the desk and sits back against the chair. Chiyoko does the same. As more and more people finish, the class nears it's end. With five minutes left, the last person puts down his pencil. Some students are sleeping. Some are staring blankly into space. Others are looking down at their desks. The students by the windows are looking outside, Chiyoko included. Lucy is one of the students looking down at her desk. She is still thinking about her four year silence and how it was broken with a tiny slip like that. Mrs. Bakersfield looks up from the homework she is grading.

The teacher looks around at everyone. "Is everyone finished? Okay, I will collect your papers. It looks like I don't have time to give you the results today but I will have them graded by tomorrow. Feel free to use the last five minutes however you want. But please keep the noise level to a minimum." At that moment, half of the students in class get up and quickly make their way over to Chiyoko's desk which just so happens to be right beside Lucy.

Apr 17 2013 12:20 AM
Great! It reads so easily, it flows. '[;l
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Apr 17 2013 06:44 AM

StarMountainKid, on 17 April 2013 - 12:20 AM, said:

Great! It reads so easily, it flows. '[;l

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