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104 days of summer vacation

Posted by shadowhive , 22 May 2015 · 91 views

Well my studying's almost ended for a few months, withjust one assignment and one exam to do. Then I've got till october before it starts up again.

That's a lot of time but I'm determined to  be productive. I've a load of games, graphicnovels and books to go through and I intend on doing otherthings too. Namely sort upstairs out a bit,...


Absence, illness

Posted by shadowhive , 15 November 2014 · 442 views

I've not been on in a big way in awhile. This has mostly been for two reasons.

First mum picked up a nasty bug from work. she works with small kids, so she does pick up stuff from time to time, but this was horrible. It lasted for weeks and she got next to no sleep which made her cranky. I tried to help as best I could but it was hard. and now, as...


Growing older

Posted by shadowhive , 19 October 2014 · 351 views

Well, tomorrow's my birthday.

I dread it every year now, because it just serves as a reminder that my grandparents have gone. It was always the four of us, mum, me and them so since they've been gone... I've hated it. It reminds me that they're gone and how much I miss them.

Christmas brings about the same emotions. It feels like it's...



Posted by shadowhive , 01 September 2014 · 299 views

I am, once again, completely baffled by American logic on the issue of guns.

I live in the Uk and I've never seen a gun much less handled one. I feel completely safe in my house without one and I don't feel scared to go outside unarmed. In fact I'd probably feel more scared with a gun than without. (Especially since when I get nervous/scared I...


What is it about religion that makes people insane?

Posted by shadowhive , 25 August 2014 · 410 views
The world is a cruel place. Just watch the news and you'll see horrific acts being comitted. Often the worst offenders seem to religious.

Christianity labels itself a religion of love. Islam labels itself as a religion of peace. Yet history shows how far from those words adherrents will go. Both religions ecourage deplorble behaviour in their...


This is my path

Posted by shadowhive , 26 July 2014 · 538 views
religion, depression
So, well I dunno why exactly I'm doing this post. But I am. Call it letting stuff out or therapy or whatever.

Anyway, where to begin? Well I'm going to go over a few things. Most is, well. It can get pretty personal but here it goes.

My tale starts back in high school. That was when I realised I was different to the other boys my age. Well, I...


Science to do

Posted by shadowhive , 01 July 2014 · 302 views

Well the weekend has seriously being tiring.

I got offered the chance to go to my Universty student conference, but I only found out the week prior that I'd got the place. Cue rushing to sort travel and vastly overpacking (seriously i packed too much reading material and clothes).

It was a weekend event, Friday-Sunday. Friday was registration and...


Summer and a question for pagans

Posted by shadowhive , 20 June 2014 · 303 views

So it's summer now. And, between the trinity of waiting for meds to fully kick in, waiting for my exam results and cursing paperwork for taking over a month to come, I'm considering what todo. There's a pile of books that's been sitting there since I got them around christmas (11 Doctor Who books and 2 Terry Pratchett's), a bunch of...


The problem of christianity and homophobia

Posted by shadowhive , 12 May 2014 · 318 views

Well today the archbishop of canterbury announced an anti-homophobia inititive for church of england schools. On the face of it that'sa good thing, but let's see.

”The aim of this guidance is to protect pupils in church schools from having their self-worth diminished, and their ability to achieve impeded, by being bullied because of their...


Music and space

Posted by shadowhive , 06 October 2013 · 300 views

Well this post is basically two things thrown together, not directly related (just being posted together so I'm not making two posts really).

First is music.

Well Summer is a big draught music wise. The only real shows are at festivals so I mostly don't have any between June-August. (Although tis time had a minor exception with a band called The...

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