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E.Ts,inner dimensional beings and UFOs

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 13 March 2013 · 230 views

today's blog is about extraterrestrials a.k.a E.Ts,innerdimensional beings and UFOs.The truth about E.Ts.the truth is that about around 80% of all the E.Ts are benevolent,kind.loving,very caring,they have uncondional love for all of humanity.the rest of the E.Ts are malovolent evil,negative,the complete opposite of the others.anyway Humanity is calling for outside help,advice and guidance.well the good news are they are here already.but what they won't do is do our job and humanities jobs for us.They will not clean up humanities mess and etc fo us.the ones that are here are the following:1)Andromedans,2)pleaidians,3)arcturians,4)Sirians and others as well. Secondly,the benevolent E.Ts do not abduct people agaisn't  their free will and their energies do not feel negative or threatning either.in fact its the complete opposite.for example positive,optimistic meetings and experiences.the one's that abduct people are the Grey E.Ts and the Reptilians but especially the The Greys.these are th ones that people most often report other than Reptilains!!!the rest of the benevolent E.T races and beings are the following are:1)Orions,2)Vegans,3)maldekians,4)Pvilla.some of you might say "duh" well this goes for the rest that are either interest or open minded and other that don't know them.i myself had like around 4-5 months ago maybe less had a dream that was so vivid and is still important to me as well and got my answer to my question.    Third,about my dream well it goes like this.i got curious and for some reason i always wanted to know whether  my soul was from another galaxy and planet?this was my question by the way.well i did a lot of research and went on youtube and many other resources to do study and etc.well i did a lot but still could't figure which of the following races i was.also it was in my head the question until i got through a dream like 4 days later maybe that same day. well my answer i got and is "Andromedan" most of what it says about them is true about me and i had other dreams that back this dream up as well that are related.for those who say well its just dreams well the truth is i don't care if you believe me or don't believe that dreams have meanings and more.they are related with water the andromedans and i had dreams with water and much more.                      Fourth,the malevolent E.Ts that i know of and many people and researchers say and mention are the follwoing:1)The reptilians the worst of them all,2)The Greys second worst there are more but there's a federation of malevolent E.Ts though.also i am not saying that all E.Ts are good or evil some are neautral and the percentage could be different too.i make mistakes just like anybody else.an i am more than man enough to accept that and admit it if i am.nobody is perfect so chill and relax okay guys and especiallt skeptics!!!.and if you don't believe what i am saying i don't care simple as that this info goes for the opposite of you skeptics.i write this for the believers and open minded people.leave comments something rude i will report it without second thought!!!                         like i said before there mnay people that do more research,go into depth and know alot more than i do and that's okay im not jealous or envy them in no way.i am a messenger,i send,spread and share what i know,information i gather from many resources and etc ans share them with all of humanity.i am messenger, i consider myself a portal?doorway to other sources and people that go into depth okay guys.so relax and chill out with the oh wheres the evidence and facts ill point you to them okay.but evidence,info and etc come in many ways and forms.so always keep a open mind if not then no amount if evidence or etc matters.i would like to say that the The Geys are sould beings as well they have no soul they are evil clone race of biengs that were creted to be a slave race and serve the reptilians their once and former masters.but the greys rebelled against them and won now they have another fatal problem now.very time sensitive to them and important to them.which is why they are abducting humans and created a human/grey hybrid program because their race is dying!!!