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Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 20 April 2013 · 273 views

my fellow light warriors,light workers,star seeds,humanity ,non-physical beings and to whomever it may concern and care:)we must remember that one person is power by themselves but together we are unstoppable and unbeatable and we could change the world into something much greater into world and planet where i life,all humanity and everything in this planet that is alive and have a soul could all trive,succeed and benefit and ascend and become something much greater and powerful and the possibilities are limitless.life in this planet has suffered long enough not just humans but the planet itself.we got humanity fighting itself instead of fighting the real enemies they are the following:1)ignorance,2)the Illuminati,new world order,skull and bones society,free masons and etc.these so called societies that claim to be "enlightened ones" they are the opposite of what they claim to be.star seeds,light warriors,light workers and etc we need to stop fighting among ourselves because of our different point of views,beliefs and etc.instead lets focus on what brings us together and unites us instead.we may have different missions and purposes of being here but ultimately we are here for planet earth,humanity and life on this planet to ascend lets do our job and missions let's put aside our ego's and stuff.we must unite now more than ever.now my mission and purpose i believe are many.but one thing i am good at too is sending messages i am more than happy to call myself a messenger in that point.i also had one various dreams that i fought non human beings and entities and even reptilians in human looking form.my intuition even u in my dreams have told me that they are not human and were not either they just look human with our physical eyes.i have fought like 3 up to four at the same time of these human appearing beings and entities that are not human.but also i had a dream more than just being regular dreams really they are lucid vivid dreams all of them.because i ma more than aware of my dreams and they are very real to me and much more.this means i am a light warrior as well i won all the time and once i had a lucid dream that i was fighting this other being with wings that was flying i myself had wings and was flying and fighting this other evil being in the sky.now i am going to say this i am only telling the truth and nothing but the truth here.if you want to believe i will leave that up to you but i could say i am not lying here.but lets put our differences aside this includes myself as well not just others.we have to look within ourselves and take back our power that is rightfully ours and are to begin with.we have everything we need to change the world now.the future is now not later.the time to act is now not later we must awaken to our true potential now and fast!!!lets create a future a utopian society where there is no poor,no sickness and no paint here in this planet and etc.some tips and advice to raise our body vibrations are.1)drink natural pure water and avoid facet water at all cost they have chemicals and etc that lower our vibrations down and much more.2)don't eat red meats or any meats at all.3)eat fruits and vegetables if possible organic only.also drink natural homemade juices not store brands because they have a lot of sugar which lowers our vibrations and frequencies to their levels and false realities and their traps.avoid sugar drinks such as sodas and etc.also meditate and do many other things like getting back with nature too helps