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the number 11

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 23 March 2013 · 418 views

here's a question what does the number 11 mean and what is it's sybolism and meaning?i see it often a lot and the number 11:11, AND MNAY MORE OTHER NUMBERS AS WELL LIKE 555,333,55,111,222,911,11,420,444.Only serious honest answers if you don't believe in that it has meanings and etc don't leave comments okay or rude cooments or unwanted comments.reply only if your a believer or open minded to this.and no chatting please just answers

Pretty strict criteria for answers.. I guess you'll just have to delete this comment too because there's chatter here.

Number 11 is a prime number, meaning it cannot be divided and a whole-number (no digits in it) result gotten without dividing it with 1 or itself. In astrology prime numbers signify a whole new kind of aspect, the kind of that has a quality of it's own, not a quality mixed from two "prime" or root qualities, no mixture. 11th harmonic in astrology hasn't yet seen much research on it, I haven't come across anything except a comment that it's related to aquarius.. the comments about other harmonic in that site made sense and I can see why the aquarius relation. Basically it'd mean that 11 is a point in astrology where two points connected through the aspect have "idealistic similiarities", similarities that touch the very selves of those planets in a more idealistic or conceptual level. "intelligence warrior", one who feels righteous about one's intelligence and strengthens one's intelligence through feeling the strong fervor to it, would also be like that.

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