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new age music:)

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 10 April 2013 · 491 views

I have a question here my fellow light workers,star seeds and everybody alike!:) what are various sources that could buy new age music i am going to replace mainstream media music as much as i can.for example i listen to just a little mostly old songs but also some new ones but they are not low vibrating music that says bad words,negative meanings and etc.the ones that listen to are like that involve love in a good way and positive message and etc.pretty much uplifting messages and comments behind them.i listen to new age music more now i have some brain entrainment music and songs.but i want to know other various sources where i could get them for free and if not free as cheap as possible.thanks for all the help and advice people.

Apr 12 2013 05:07 AM
Try torrents.   I'd recommend a band called Sigur Ros.  they are fantastic.  I dunno if they can be classed as strictly 'new age'  but they are very uplifting while being mellow, and are basically fantastic /end fanboi-ing :o
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Starseed hybrid 1111
Apr 12 2013 06:58 PM
ill check it out if its uplifting and etc ill give it try of course:)
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Do you have X-box live. because they do have a radio station you can access called Last.FM but you can also get the station on line using your computer, you can also look at Pandora radio and listen to new age music with them I can give you some recommendations if you wish but I need to see what I have listed on the station.
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