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gun violence and the bombings

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 18 April 2013 · 312 views

my fellow star seeds,light workers,humanity and to whoever it may concern knowing the truth or more than likely likely possible truth.well there has been recently a lot of shootings,gun violence and most recent one a bombing in the Boston Marathon Bombing.well this might anger or cause some people to laugh at me or some type of negative answer but ill say it anyway because knowing the truth is more important than caring what people might think of me or look at me in a certain way.here it is all these shootings that have been happening on the schools like the Connecticut shooting,the Newtown shooting and etc most of these i strongly feel that they are planned by the government themselves in order to have a more likely chance to pass a law or etc that bans all guns and makes it illegal to have one in the first place.now i am not a gun owner myself but its not about that people.we have the right and its our right to bear arms if we want.the government realizes and knows that by passing these gun laws they are not taking away the guns from the criminals themselves but from legal gun owners natural born American citizens.believe me when i say people and to whoever it may concern and care.criminals will not abide by these laws and rules and regulations.they are not going to just walk up the government doors and say here Mr. Barack Obama here's my guns.nor will any criminal turn in their guns or just hand them over.the government i bet you anything that they themselves are orchestrating these attacks and planning to take away or try to take away the guns from legal American citizens to make them defenseless.also there are many alternative news sources and alternative non mainstream radio stations as well that say this and honest people that back this up and believe this as well.credible people by the way.the mainstream her's a interesting facts about them.it's their job to tell and fabricate their own version of what really happen in anything really from world events to etc.people still think that the mainstream media will tell them the truth i got news for you people.they are not.here's a quote from Media –
Here is a quote from Richard Salent, former President of CBS News, "Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have." An easy way to see the problem with the current system is to do a little homework. Take a look at the news agencies like Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC and so on, and you will find out that they are owned by larger corporations such as Disney, GE, and Time Warner. Then look at those larger corporations, and review their political contributions. You end up with a situation where reporters cannot relay any information that could be damaging to their advertisers, their parent companies, or the political parties they endorse. Free Press? Far from it. The current mainstream media system, coupled with the invention of the television, has created the most effective propaganda machine the world has ever known. Never before could an agenda be communicated and believed on such a massive level as it is today. Most people believe things are alright in the world, if the news tells them things are alright. If they want you to fear something, then you will see it over and over again.i don't mean no disrespect to anybody but it's the truth.these people that do these attacks are not mentally ill or crazy as the media says to the people.these people that have body armor,automatic weapons and grenades and etc planned this now some may not be government related or planned but i believe most are though however.this sounds crazy right or impossible right.but has the government ever been honest and truthful and sincere and really care for the people in general.no they haven't and never have.they only care for themselves only and will always do.to them the only real part of the united states is Washington D.C that's it nothing more.they are planning something big and horrible and not in the best interest of the American people or anybody but themselves.also another interesting point and fact to me is that the government are not even the people with the real power they are just "puppets" to the few people who really are running the show and control the world behind the scenes they are known by many names like the Illuminati,new world order,free masons and etc.also i am sorry to say that the September 9/11 attacks were planned by the American government themselves not all were in only a few on the planned event.why?to pass the patriot act which gives them the right to spy and listen in in our cell phone calls,phone calls and even emails and much more.also it was passed to sell war to the public and invade Iraq for their oil and etc.they want to spread democracy to the rest of the world yeah right far from it not even close.for those who lost people they knew in these attacks and their families i mean no disrespect just know that.
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