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Coffee, Carrots, And leftover Pie!

Posted by LizFL , 30 November 2009 · 106 views

Ah Yes, I sit here, drinking my coffee, eating baby carrots and sampling a piece of Ms. Nikkis Chocolate Pecan Pie! I had to skip the Boyfriends thanksgiving celebration with his family. They did it the Saturday after, I was working. I am eating Pie now though!!
  I really should be mowing the lawn, but I am just relaxing, reading, thinking, surfing.
I have two days in a row off!!!!
That never happens on chance, only when requested! I love you boss! I dont know what I did to deserve this, but thank you! I also got a raise the other day. Not much, but in an era of lost jobs, pay cuts and hour cuts, even 15 cents an hour is grand! And for some reason, this Friday night, I am in charge again!! Gulp!!! Last time it went horrible wrong. It was my first shot at it, and one girl I work with, well, she was on chicken. She shut down and cleaned a fryer (we have only two) at 5:00pm, before the dinner rush!! She refused to turn it back on, customers had no chicken, she was yelling at them "Anyone who wants chicken just has to wait!!!" I went over and turned her other fryer on (we only have two, and when one is in use, well, the orders pile up, wait time gets longer and customers get pissed). Well, I had to get back over to the deli, it takes a moment to heat up anyway. Store Manager comes over, and asks her what is going on. Well, she tells him I said she could go home early!! Bull!!! Well, both of us got pulled into the office and I thought for sure my chances on full time were gone (full timers are the supervisors in the publix world). Well, low and behold, somehow it looks like I am getting my second chance!!! We shall see! Of course, I am still going to school to be something else other than a grocery store manager (radiography) but for now it pays the bills, and gives me somewhat affordable health insurance. Sorry, story deviated off the path... thats right, my two days off in a row!!! Oh of course, I will be wasting a lot of it away on farmville, but I have a good amount of getting ready to do, as my sister from N. Ireland is coming over tomorrow after a couple years! too fun!
  Also, we shall be putting up our tree today! I need to visit my mom and give rent, but I paid my bills due and I have a smidgen of money left over for Christmas shopping!
Life is good

Hey, any help on posting pics would be appreciated... I seem to have trouble with it lately, as I haven't posted any pics in about 2 or 3 years...
  I'd like to. Thanksgiving day was fun. Thomas and I went to the beach and then st Augustine. We ate dinner out, we had no cooking, cleaning or dishes. it was quite grand.

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