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Posted by LizFL , 25 July 2010 · 117 views

Money, who has it? Not I! That is right, I am a no-income college student, living with honestly, the bare necessities. Ok, I understand, I have a computer, but that is from back when I was working. I really haven't bought anything new in a long time, cept a little food. Here is my beef, so why is it we always take my vehicle? and when are you going to do some damn grocery shopping? My savings are drying up fast since I am buying you food, paying half of the electric bill which you hike up with your super cold/ac, multiple fans you wont turn off, and all those fancy electronics! Am a jealous, kinda. I don't think I would have spent the money on a big screen tv, or touch screen phone, brand new gps, scanners, guns, or any of the other collection of the "newest" coolest stuff which you are constantly buying. Would I want the money? Hell yeah! Of course I would! So its weird. I can be happy living off less than 800 a month, but it would be nice to buy stuff I wanted. But I can deal with and identify the jealousy. What really gets me is that come time for groceries, oooops your broke! you gave me a gas card but b****ed about me using it, so I am responsible for my own gas, fine. then let me save my gas to get to and from school, and the grocery store. How about simply turning off fans so maybe that is a few more bucks in my pocket. And how about paying half for the birth control pills, I wouldn't need them except for you! On the nights we go out to eat, how about picking up the tab? Oh you don't need to eat at night? fine, then lets start buying our own food and keeping it separate! Oh, you spent a hundred bucks on groceries? well, why are we eating out then? Cause it was all nuts and tea, no meal planning! When I grocery shop (2 times to your 1), I spend a hundred bucks too, but use coupons, and go for sales, and meal plan! but you just bought groceries, so it is my responsibility to pay when we go out to dinner because there is no food. It's no wonder that you have so much extra money, you don't really pay for gas, you only pay for food occasionally, and b/c, well, that's the woman's responsibility. I'm not telling you how to spend your money. you make it clear that it's your money, which your days of trudging away at facebook, doing shots and hanging with your buddies "work" earned you! It's no wonder you refuse to move out of Florida, where I could go to real schools, get a real job when I am done with school. If we were in Montana, or many other states but I am obsessed with moving to Montana, I could go to a real university! There will be jobs for a geologist there! they will pay decent too! But I would never want to immerse you in the world of corporate bull**** where telling customers to ****off is unacceptable. Yet I love you. I stay here with you. Despite that the original agreement was to get your family to agree to move then you would. I spoke to them all, even your mom who has hated me and degraded me since day one (which I know she is your mom, but stand up for your woman! oh, wait, that would go hand in hand with paying for half of everything, never mind!). I went and talked to her, and she agreed to move! Your sister, nieces, brother, all on board! now I have to convince your friends and work too! What if I do manage? Then do I have to convince your customers to move too?
  I'm so tired of this one sided relationship. You used to do things for me. You used to love to take care of me. You used to want to be around me. Now you do nothing but push me away. I don't know where you are at now, probably back at bass pro buying that 500 kayak, plus accessories you decided you wanted. I don't know, you have been gone  since I woke up. No note, no text, no email. it was a week ago you bought your 46" big screen high def tv. Enjoy your toys honey. you probably wont even notice me gone.

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