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My new baby boy - Aaron Jensen Kerr

Posted by Beckys_Mom , 10 May 2012 · 1,836 views

I was taken in last Thursday to be induced and I was nervous....  I delayed time and winded up not going in until 7pm that evening  ( that's nerves for ya )

Time went by and into labour I went..  But I was in one of the funny moods..I think it was the gas and air.. I took it for the 1st time in over 6 years and said  - HELLO MY FRIEND...WE MEET AGAIN !!  I was taken into the delivery suite and for some mad reason, I felt it was OK to tell jokes ..Gary thinks it was the gas and air that put me that way .....I told a joke.. stopped to have a contraction.. and then continued with the jokes.. The midwives were  laughing ..it was a bit fun in there that night  lol

Then they left to go home, their shift was up....I continued  taking the odd gas and air.. and watched some TV..In came the other midwife to take over.. Her name was Geri too....At this stage  the baby was on it's way....  Out he came..A healthy baby boy, weighing in at 7lbs4 ..
I couldn't believe he had dark hair and lovely tan skin...He let out a little cry and I sat up amazed..   I still clutched on to the gas and air...The midwife Geri said - You can let go of that now... I said - Nope cuz  I still have to rid the placenta and whatever else is left in there  ..I said it with a smirk on my face because I didn't want to give up the gas and air..  lol  ... :P

I was too weak to hold him straight away, so Gary took him.. In fact it was Gary  who helped deliver him into the world... He helped me,   he assisted the midwife  he then got to cut the cord...I have been calling him -  little midwifey  ever since  ha ha ..!!
The only problems that followed was  me being left with  was two horrible infections...One in my kidneys and the other in the bladder ..They gave me anti biotics for them, and I was also suffering from a lot of blood loss.

.It took a while to stop the internal bleeding...  I was  shaky and passing out  for a few days ever since ..  This is weird for me, I have never in my life passed out every so often and not remember ...very weird indeed

Main thing is - Little baby Aaron was doing fine.... And he is a greedy little mite...  He loves his bottle.. and well dare you delay giving his bottle..

Little  Aarons  faces ( taken in stages )   --->  :unsure2:  "Where's my bottle? "..THEN .. :cry:  " No seriously, where is my bottle? ..... :huh:  "Why are you changing me?, I want to sleep now that I have been fed... That's it you asked for it  30 seconds of - > :cry: WAAAAAHHH  ...30 seconds later - > :sleepy: Now leave me alone ma..It's sleep time.... I'll let you know when I have filled the nappy....( diaper )

Thing is.. he  clams down so fast the sec I lift him up...he's be all Waaahhh waaahhhh... I lift him up and he calms down in an instant.. I speak to him and  he cooo's at me..as if to say - goodie I feel safe now... He does this all the time..  He  also LOVES his sleep...Aaron would  sleep the entire night though  ......In fact on the maternity ward, when the other baby's were crying all night.. I looked over at him and he never flinched... he lay there sleeping through all the noise... It was as if to say- None of you all can waken me...

When Becky got the phone call to say her little brother was here...she squealed down the phone with excitement  and yelled out - I  AM NOW A BIG SISTER ...WHOOHOOO  ... She couldn't wait to get up next  day to see him  .............She has been helping me ever since...

I can now look forward to running after my kids more. and getting better... I need to get fit and well again..at the moment I cannot move around much because of these infections...It is annoying because I was looking forward to being hands on  with chores and  my kids...So fingers crossed i get better soon and then it's all go go go .. Gary is helping in the meantime..I am grateful for that ..

Here are a few pictures  of  Aaron  with Becky and his dad  below...

This is Becky, meeting her new baby brother for the first time...She was nervous ...but glad to be there ..

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This next one is of Becky feeding Aaron at he hospital.. She couldn't wait to get feeding him his bottle ...

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Aaron Jensen...

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Becky, her dad and  little Aaron.....

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Aaron at home with his daddy...

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Thanks for reading ...

Geri ...

May 10 2012 12:54 PM
Congrats !! :)
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Well congratulations Mom!!  Mr Aaron is a fine strapping lad.  Best wishes to you and the whole family.
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Child of Bast
May 10 2012 01:00 PM
Sounds like everything went a lot better than you anticipated, as I suspected it would. ;) Huge congrats to you and your son. Hope you get to feeling 100% again soon. I imagine it's rough not being able to do what you want to do. Take care and we look forward to having you back here full time soon!
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Still Waters
May 10 2012 01:02 PM
Aww bless, what a cutie. I'm so glad everything went well for you (apart from the infections of course)

Many CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! to all of you. He's a lovely wee boy. Get well soon and in the meantime, take care!
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Yes! Congratulations! Awesome family! Take it easy. lol
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Congratulations! :)
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Woo Hoo, I have been hanging out to see your new baby boy - you had us wondering for awhile there, thought you'd forgotten us.  Aaron is absolutely gorgeous, and Becky is growing into quite the little lady, what a beautiful family you have.

I hope you feel better soon, damned infections, so unnecessary of them to show up and delay the fun like that,grrr.

Welcome back and congrats :)
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Very happy for you, thanks for making me laugh and smile

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Best wishes to you and your family. Thank you for sharing the pics. You are truly blessed. Take care and feel better soon.
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Daughter of the Nine Moons
May 10 2012 02:22 PM
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you :)
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May 10 2012 02:29 PM
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Congratulations! And best wishes for a quick recovery to full health ...
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Congrats BM, lovely pictures by the way!
Best wishes to you and your new addition :D
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Thank you all for the kind comments.........Aaron had just enjoyed another bottle...Becky is relaxing with him  She has finally mastered how to hold him properly ...She just got up from feeding him and said ->  Oh deary me Aaron, it's time I put you in your chair again, I could use a wee cup of tea...!!

She must think she is a grown up now  !!...Well until I mention  -  Ok madam,  have you got any homework to do? Then its back to normal for her  lol
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Congratulations, BM. Beautiful children, beautiful mum!

Just a compliment, dad - Honest!!!

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Awwwww! So glad to hear everyone is doing well and that you'll be up and running soon.
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I wish you and your beautiful family all of the best. Welcome Aaron. All of you should be very proud of the wonderful little boy. You are very Blessed. God Bless and may the Angels smile on all of you.
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Can you get me some "Gas?" LOL
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May 10 2012 05:48 PM
I'll join in on the usual felicitations wishing there was something original to say
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May 12 2012 03:05 AM
OMG the piccies are adorable and your daughter is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.. those big blue eyes!

i told you it would be ok!!!!

oh.. umm *blushes*.. i never read blogs on this sight before.. so i was like confused, and wanted to post a response and did not LOOK.. so i clicked the link i saw and was waiting, and waiting, and looked and oops.. i clicked report entry,  i scrolled down and down till i finally saw add comment, so if you read reported.. you know it was me *sniff sniff*.. well if they send someone to look at entry.. then you will get more readers of your blog!

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Tis a fine name you've chosen.  May your son grow healthy, wise and lucky. x :)
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Solipsi Rai
May 14 2012 10:32 PM
Omigod...congrats! I wish your newborn son the very best in life and the best of health...and WB to the UM, Becky's Mom (or should you rename yourself Becky AND Aaron's Mom). I wanna say Hi to him, his sis Becky and your husband too. (waves). +
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Geri, beautiful family. Becky's eyes are stunning. Congrats to everyone, Aaron will be breaking hearts when he grows up. :)
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aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww congratulations :)
becky and aaron are so cute :)
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You've got a good looking family there BM...

Congratulations on your new addition...
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