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The Holy Spirit is Wild

Posted by markdohle , 02 December 2012 · 253 views

The Holy Spirit is wild

We are one, though it is often hidden,
we create ripples by our actions,
all of them it is always so,
we help others or hinder them
by our thoughts, deeds and what we don't do,
we plant seeds in the souls of others
that will take root and produce fruit,
we touch others, and we are touched,
we are healers and those who wound,
lovers or haters,
diving into mystery
or playing it safe and staying on the shore,
there is not standing still,
we are moving forward,
or backward,
the human heart is deep,
it seeks the one thing necessary,
though the way can be lost,
yet we are pursued by grace,
and all human hearts when they pray
are a gateway for all of mankind,
for Christ Jesus is closer to us than our skin,
our bowels, our bones, and we are loved.

So fear not, move forward,
dive in and do not let fear deter you,
trust is hard, but we cal all make an act of trust,
even if things seem otherwise.

It is all about love,
the living water
feeds the heart,
the fruits of the spirit is love,
love of self and love of others,
one step at a time,
get up over and over again,
just move, trust, deepen faith.

God is not owned by anyone,
he speaks through all,
the Holy Spirit is wild
can't be tamed:

Thanks be to God.