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  1. Mind readers....not!

    People can't read our minds. If you don't reach out no one will reach back. If you don't speak you will never be understood nor known in any significant way. Fear is a vicious jail-keeper. Better to try and fail and try again, than stay locked up in a self made dungeon. To play it safe has its own misery; perhaps worse than to take a chance and get burned. We always choose, even if we don't spend time thinking about it. Our unconscious fears and thoughts manifest themselves in our anxieties and emotions. To pray with humility can be the start towards healing and courage--Br.MD

  2. Hellofifa

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  3. It has been my observation that nothing I have done in my life came easy or "naturally" to me.

    Even in school I began to notice certain things such as tests, for example; I could study and memorize then when the time for the test came I oft times made the mistake of thinking I could pass the test because it seemed relatively easy. Stupid me, thinking that I was getting the answers right only to get the test back and discover I flunked it big time; it wasn't just once or twice but every single time.

    The lesson I gleaned was that for me, all this nonsense about esteem and confidence was useless; unless I was second and third guessing my action, worrying about missing a step or basically sweating every step then I was doing something wrong.

    So I learned as time went by to second guess myself with everything, whatever I did I had to try, I had to always double-check to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong or missing a step because if, at any time, it seemed to go easy and smoothly then I was definitely messing up big time.

    It is not that I want to mess up nor am I anticipating something going wrong but the lesson has always been that if something seems easy then I am doing something wrong.

    No action or skill ever really "flowed" for me, nothing came easy, readily or "naturally" so after a point I began to wonder what was worth doing if everything is a constant struggle. Even writing this is a struggle as I have to constantly delete and re-write things just to avoid mortally offending people or something.

    Yes, I realize all skills take time and effort to develop and sometimes there are snags; I am not that ignorant or naive to think otherwise but there comes a time when it would be nice to have something come relatively easily, where something flows and seems "natural" thus making it more attractive and appealing to pursue.

  4. Taça de Portugal 2016

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  5. Zylotta

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    Hello everyone, I was just stopping by to say that I have been revamping my story, taking out parts I didn't like (such as the human bashing, that's been done to death at this point in Sci-Fi stories)  as well as focusing more on a select group of characters rather than a bunch at once. I will be posting chapters here soon, so stay tuned! :D 

  6. Since humans like to visit the woods to relax and recreate do bigfoot go to the city? If they did would they put on a human suit? After all humans put on monkey suits and act like primates for laughs and giggles.

    Can you imagine a bigfoot at the outdoor bigfoot comedy club doing their routine in a human suit.  They would open with "you know Gurtok I don't really believe in humans.  All you have for proof is some fuzzy pictures and foot casts, humans don't seem to have toes, how weird is that?" (Club erupts with sasqutch hoots hollars and screams).

    Don't you think Beezlebub should get into the tractor buisness?  He is allready the lord of flies, flies are attracted to manuere, which in turn is used as fertalizer.  Hmmm if he did that then he would have to wear coveralls and rename himself Bezzlebubba lord of tractor demons. (Gag first seen in a newspaper comic, non sequiter I think??)

    Anyway these are some things to think about.

  7. As I lay on my couch, waiting for my paycheck to be deposited, I am left to wonder: how did my life get this way? A life where every simple task becomes a very expensive and elongated problem. A life where almost no one is willing to offer their assistance in matters where it is required. It seems like everyone I know has had some form of help from their families and/or friends. Be it, teaching them how to drive or helping them get their first job, whereas I have never received any such help from anyone. The most I got was some dishes and towels and a 'good luck' or two. But it's okay. I made it just fine for about a year until the bedbugs attacked. Now I am back to square one. My future hangs in limbo and I have no idea which way it will go. My bet is the wrong way but that's just me being pessimistic which should come as no surprise to those of you who have read any of my previous blogs.

    Anyway, regardless of where I will be living next month, today I am purchasing a new cell phone because the one I have is a piece of absolute garbage. First of all, it doesn't even belong to me, it's built to be durable but the screen is cracked, since they focused on hardware when building it, the software is crap, Android 4.1 so it can't run Pokémon Go (which I've been waiting for and longing to play since I heard it was being developed), and the contract expires in a couple days with the option to upgrade but I am choosing not to because I don't like contract phones, they are way too overpriced. So I am buying a cheap-ish phone from Amazon as soon as the money hits my bank account. I am hoping and wishing that the phone arrives before Sunday (or even ships at all since the last time I tried this, the phone never shipped).

    I've been a Pokémon fan since I was about 6 years old and I used to pray to God to make Pokémon real and well, this augmented reality smartphone game is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to that prayer being answered. At least until the virtual reality version. So to have it surprisingly released when I was not prepared was not cool. And now I've had to listen to almost all of my coworkers talk about it, I've had to read about it virtually everywhere on the internet and it seems I'm the only person in the country who really wants to play it but can't. Thousands of people who thought Pokémon was childish and stupid a month ago are playing it and loving every minute of it, even if they don't know what a Chansey is. Well I know all 151 Pokémon in the game and all 570+ of the rest of them. To say I'm a bit jealous is an understatement.

    So, I am disregarding bills and even food to buy a phone that is up to par with my standards and I don't give a flying Rattata's ass what anyone thinks about it.

  8. DivineNinja

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    I just joined Unexplained-Mysteries and am feeling pretty good. The reason why I came to this forum is that I just wanted to discuss certain issues that are hindering my usual life aspects. These issues primarily pertain to peculiar subjects like paranormal and psychics. Since 2010 I have been experiencing telepathic attacks that continue till date. I was at the beginning of my career and was all ready to run the marathon of my life. At first I was mentally distracted by loud real time voices that eventually tried cutting me off my surroundings and made me talk and murmur to myself. I live in a city that locates country's biggest mental hospital which I also frequently visited due to one of my relatives. So, I knew a few things about mental problems and a lot about Schizophrenia. My sleep patterns were disrupted, I woke up in the middle of the nights as if someone shook my body to wake me up, slowly I also realized that I have stopped dreaming and someone kept talking to me like trying to instruct me.

    I never discussed this with my family or friends as everybody was and is so busy in their own life and above all I simply hated to be called a MENTAL. For the same when I visited my psychologist I simply complained him about my disrupted sleep patterns only. He prescribed me pills which he told were not the sleeping pills upon my concerns but they actually did put me to deadly sleeps. I hate those pills and try taking them only once in a month. But whether I liked it or not those pills did good bringing me back to normal. By normal here I mean that I was able to think and work normally again but the telepathic attacks never actually stopped. I also tried continuing the pills for a week but it did not worked..

    I often became speechless and used to ignore talking to people. However, since the childhood and teen days of my life I have been a guy who loved and lived with comics and movies and believe me this habit of mine did helped me a lot. The best thing I did during telepathic attacks is that I never responded to it, mentally. I knew it very well that once I get engaged with it I would literally develop a habit of mentally talking to the attacker. I don't know how I realized this but I really did exactly that. Currently I frequently hear telepathic comments that depict me as dirty, foolish and useless. But after spending 6 years under such attacks I have learned to ignore it.

    But ignorance alone never really ended this as I could feel myself being touched, pinched and pierced. My individuality got totally ruined and despite me feeling miserable at times I somehow manage to follow my daily schedules.

    As for relief and treatment information I switched to the internet. I must admit it here that for 5 odd years I really wasted my time searching info relating to white and black magic. The only useful info I tracked was that such attacks are linked with voodoo doll magic where the doll is baptized in the name of victim. It was only this year in 2016 that I somehow changed my search keywords and landed on subjects like telepathy and psychic attacks. This way I came to know about a stone called Black Tourmaline which is said to absorb negative energies. I quickly ordered it online and am currently testing it. So far it had successfully helped in removing my headaches and I can now actually sleep peacefully. I tend keeping these stones in my right or left hand as I lie down on my bed and as I fall asleep I drop them beside my pillow.  But what I still worry about is that black tourmaline does not completely stop it. I still feel it and feel really bad about it. Also, I never see proper dreams.

    At first I tried running away from home, asked myself what, why and how of this could happen to me. Believe me I also once said to myself that I am the one selected for destruction. But I hold a few habits that somehow make me step out of the misery. I am a hardcore bodybuilder; I do a lot of exercise and without supplements.  I am also a hardcore gamer who likes playing all new age and classic titles. I am also crazy about movies and prefer watching at least one flick daily. So what eventually I started to believe is that I am one of GOD's soldier and if that was not so why would such an evil thing may happen to me or I may have been doing the same evil to other people.

    Currently I am continuing my search for finding a complete solution for shielding myself from such attacks. I do not intend living and ending my life with the same problem. Black Tourmaline stones provide relief but never actually stops it. Also, this stone would work miracles for normal people who wish bringing peace to their life and enhance their focus and performance. I have spend a lot of time on the internet but just like the ocean I know that I have searched or viewed only a small fraction of it. I have provided my story so that anyone else experiencing the same may get a positive reference and if someone reading this knows how to stop or end telepathy or psychic attacks may please revert to this post.

    Wishing everybody cheers and good luck.

  9. The airline I work for is helping to transport Police Officers to Dallas to attend services for their fallen brethren. This morning we flew a number of NYPD officers in. As we taxied to the gate and I did my usual announcements, I added a few words: "I want to give a shout-out to the officers that are here to attend services today." There was a round of applause, and I said, "May God bless you and protect you, and may God bless America." Several people thanked me as they left the plane. 
    We still live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, though we need to return to the fountain from which freedom and courage flow.
    God bless America.

  10. Ruby04
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    Not my day it seems. Some nasty piece of work guy (keeping it g/pg on here) walks over to dads land cruiser (flat bed truck) and starts going off at me telling me to move it because it's blocking his drive way and he was trying to get in he was in already. I was saying look I don't drive so can't move it, he's in that house and named.... ask for him. The guy I'm going to get the council out, you fatty he starts trying to take photos of the land cruiser. At this point I'm MAD at getting verbally attacked he could have worded things better but didn't, I get out and in the process slip on the wet ground bang my head on a tree. This piece of work starts laughing and saying that I'm mentally unstable and he wasn't swearing at me. I block (by standing in front of number plates) his view and he's there Go fall again you've got something seriously mentally wrong with you. Me yeah I fing do it's Depression mate. He walks to front of land cruiser, I block and say GET THE F AWAY FROM MY DADS LAND CRUSIER, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM HE'S IN THAT HOUSE THERE. Guys there WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO HUH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO. Me shaking at this point barely holding tears in more then you know buddy. He barges to the door demanding the land cruiser gets moved (I was trying to ring dad at same time) and says to dad GET YOUR DAUGHTER IN CHECK SHE'S NOT STABLE! Are you kidding me WHO talks to a female (a little 5ft nothing young and he looked double my age and fair height difference on me) like that. Poor home owner knows the guy is a nasty piece of work and is there, I'm so sorry would you like a glass of water are you ok over and over. I have a headache, feel like I'm going to throw up, shaking, couple bruises and still crying after all this. He did not try calm he went for the verbal attack. I tried polite and had to get him to repeat when he asked who's car (it's not a car so I was confused and Cooper was barking) it was. Going for the mentally unstable line on anyone is low, I am mentally stable more then some it seems.

  11. Stories

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    This world is dark. It’s cold. Empty. I am alone. There is no one else left. They have all gone away… to another place… another world. They have abandoned me. I walk in this lonely place with no destination because there is nothing to walk towards. But, I continue on my futile journey, anyway. There is nothing else to do. I am naked and afraid. I have no possessions, no food or water. Yet, still I live. It is a desolate and miserable existence, but it is still life. I cling to it like moss to a tree, because it is all I have. This life and this barren land is all I know. If I had a life before this, I can’t remember it. I am nameless. I am no one. And yet, I am everyone, because there is nobody else. There aren’t even any animals or plants. In this world, there is only the rusty ground, and me. Sometimes, I look up at the sky. It is always crimson. There is a sun, a bright orange circle piercing through the scarlet clouds. The sun never sets and it never moves. It’s as if this place is frozen in time.

                I continue to walk, my bare feet kicking up the red dust with each step. I don’t know why I walk. All I know is that I have to. If I don’t move, I will lose what’s left of my existence. I know I will never reach my chimerical destination but still, I walk. Some part of me hopes that I’m wrong; that there is something else in this world. So, I keep walking.

                I wasn’t always alone. There were others with me not long ago. A man, a woman, a boy and a girl. They were like me. We were all wandering this place alone. I found the man first. We didn’t talk much, because there was nothing much to talk about. We talked about the ground, the sky, and the emptiness and then we were silent. Then we found the woman and the boy. The woman claimed the boy was her son. The boy claimed the woman was his mother. Neither knew for sure because none of us knew anything, except that we were here. Then we found the girl. She was lying on her side, curled up in the fetal position, sleeping near a rock. She looked afraid and cold, so we woke her up and she agreed to join us.

                So, there we were. The only five people in the world: A young man with thick hair, a thick beard and a thick head; a cautious and terrified woman; a silent yet playful boy; an innocent and timid girl; and me. We walked and talked, and then we slept. Sleeping was the only way to escape; for a short time the red was replaced with black. We did not dream, but still we slept. Then, everyone disappeared, and I was alone.

                It must have happened while we were sleeping because all I remember is waking up and being alone. I don’t know what could have happened to the others. They could have been taken to another world, another universe, or simply transported a few miles away. I suppose, another reason I walk, is for them. It has been quite a while, I think, since we were separated, but I still have hope that one day we will meet again. I will continue to walk this barren wasteland, I will continue my journey, and I will kick up tons and tons of rust-colored dust until I find something…or someone. I will not stop because I can’t. There is nothing else to do.

  12. Don Allison

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    In Search of Truth

    The Preface for I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Journey into the Paranormal

    By Don Allison 

        In the end, my career choice was a clear one.

        As a college student I thought about working in marketing, or perhaps obtaining a law degree. But I decided to pursue journalism, and for me it really was a no-brainer.

        At my core I’m a very curious person. I want to figure out how things work, and why things are the way they are. I love to discover things for myself. When I have to rely on accounts from others I want to gather input from a number of people, so I can sort out, analyze and compare what they say.

        What better way to pursue that passion than as a journalist?

        Through the years I’ve covered murder investigations and trials, political hijinks, civil and criminal court cases and public controversies. I’ve interviewed far more people than I can even begin to remember, on topics ranging from the trivial to the monumental.

        In doing so I’ve honed an intuition about people and things I’m observing or interviewing. It’s almost a sixth sense, really, of perceiving red flags that indicate when people are lying or skirting the issue, or when something just doesn’t feel right.

        Sometimes people with something to hide go on the attack, or try to avoid truly answering a question. For example, when asked “Are you guilty?” they may reply “I don’t think so,” instead of a clear “No.” At other times they simply appear uncomfortable, won’t look you in the eye or just give off a negative vibe. In some cases the facts just don’t seem to add up.

        Whatever the situation may be, I try to ferret out the best information I can to illuminate the truth. Sometimes that involves telling both sides of a story – or three or four sides if necessary – and by presenting the best evidence possible I can let the readers decide for themselves.

        I can’t say I’ve never been wrong or drawn faulty conclusions – actually, who among us can ever say that. But I try to be accountable, and when I am wrong I want to acknowledge it and learn from mistakes so I can do a better job in the future.

        For 34 years and counting I’ve worked at The Bryan Times, a daily newspaper in northwest Ohio. I was born in Bryan, and spent the majority of my formative years in nearby Stryker. Other than a few years residing in Toledo, where I completed my studies at the University of Toledo, I have lived in Williams County, Ohio.

        People here know me. People knew my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and they know my parents, siblings, wife, kids, and cousins. I have worked all my life to build a reputation here. I want to be known as an honest, reliable, friendly person, someone who contributes to the community and helps to make it a better place.

        As a journalist, every time one of my stories appears in print my performance is judged by my readers. In effect, my reputation is at risk every day if I don’t do my job properly. Since I have been at work more than three decades – actually four decades if you count my early work in sports with the former Stryker Advance – I must be competent. If not I would have been thrown out on my ear long ago. In fact, from my earliest days at The Bryan Times I was charged with editing the work of others, in addition to my own reporting. In 1996 I was named editor of the paper, a role I filled for many years in multiple stints, and now I am senior editor, semi-retired to devote more time to my Civil War and other historical pursuits.

        The point I’m trying to make is that when I put my name on a piece of writing, I stand behind it.

        I thought long and hard before deciding to tackle this project, an exploration of the paranormal. I know many people are skeptical when it comes to this subject. I understand, because I was a stalwart skeptic and still approach each paranormal experience as skeptic.

        The paranormal is not a subject I went looking for. It definitely came looking for me. After I have had experience after experience that I could not explain away by the laws of nature as we generally know them, I eventually felt compelled to learn more. The more I researched the topic, the more I realized my paranormal experiences were much more numerous and of a much broader nature than I had believed. And writing being at the core of my nature, I now feel led to share what I have learned.

        Once I decided to proceed with this book, I realized I could hold nothing back. I am treating the paranormal as I would any other topic. I am sharing my own experiences and what I have learned from research. I am passing on what other people have told me about the subject and in some cases their own perceptions of what I have experienced.

        I realize there are those who may laugh, or roll their eyes, or wonder if I have taken leave of my best judgment. But I appreciate the fact that such treatment has befallen many who have gone before me, people who put forward such outlandish ideas as that of a round earth, not a flat one; of man flying through the air or into space; a belief in rocks falling from the heavens; an impossible flow of energy we now know as electricity; and the sheer lunacy of waves traveling through the air transporting sounds and visual images to be retrieved by far-away machines.

        It takes people with such vision to expand our knowledge, and our societal comfort zone. Without the willingness to explore the unknown, our society cannot advance.

        So I will take this risk. I will do the best I can to present the evidence I’ve found and let my readers come to their own conclusions.

        In fact, I stake my reputation on it.

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  14. So I wandered around aimlessly for a while, thinking things over. What Zara said could be some of the answers I was looking for, but Dirth didn’t seem to think much of him. I didn’t want to get caught up in something that was phony, just a lot of gibberish. Zara was okay, but was he telling the truth or just jabbering about his imagination?

    I wondered where Henry was. The dome was so big I didn’t think I’d just run into him someplace by accident, and looking for him was just as pointless. I was on my own and I had to figure out the best thing to do next. I thought about going back to see Dirth, then I thought about that engineer I’d met in that eating place. He kind of said we’d meet again. I wondered where the engineers were. I thought they, if anyone, would know the secrets of the dome.

    So I turned around and headed back to that eating place, way over on the other side. As I walked, I kept looking around, hoping I’d see Henry wandering around, but like I said, I didn’t think I would.

    Suddenly there was a commotion behind me. I looked back and I saw a group of men in brown suits pushing their way through the crowd toward me. I turned to the side and started to walk faste away from them, hoping they were not after me, but they turned also. The crowd of Paratekes was pretty thick where I was and I pushed my way through them as best I could. I glanced back, and the brown suits were pushing their way through, too, getting nearer.

    I started to run, but the crowd was too thick. I stumbled and fell to the floor. Before I could get up they were on me. They surrounded me, and two of them reached down and roughly grabbed me and pulled me to me feet.

    Let go of me!” I demanded. “What are you doing? Can’t you see I fell? What do you want?!”

    One of them who pulled me up held me by my shoulders and said firmly, “You are to come with us. No nonsense, now. You are under arrest.”

    “But, what have I done?!” I demanded.

    “We have no authority to answer that question,” the brown suit said. “You are being detained. That function is all that is required of us. Others will continue the procedure.”

    With that, the brown suits pulled me through the crowd. The paratakes didn’t seem to take any notice of this; they just went on with their stupid activity as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

    I was pretty scared. I wondered how I was found out. Maybe Zara had something to do with this, I thought, after all his talk of peace and brotherhood. Or maybe it was that engineer. I wondered if there was anyone I could trust in this place. Just like in the village, I guessed not.

    I was taken through the bustling crowd roughly; two guys had me by my collar on either side, shoving me along, the rest pushing our way through the crowd ahead. I was scared but disappointed, too. After all I’d gone through to try to understand the Dome and everything, now it was over. It was all for nothing, and I might loose my life, as well.

    “Where are you guys taking me?” I shouted, but they didn’t answer or even pay attention, they just hauled me along. It was quite a ways across the Dome floor and I was getting tired of it. I thought I’d struggle some; maybe I could break free and run. But, run where? These guys wouldn’t give up, I figured. I thought if I could get back to Dirth, maybe he’d protect me, but then again I didn’t want to get him in trouble. So I just gave up and let them push me along.

    After a while I could see ahead of me a wall of the Dome getting closer. It was a black area in the wall. As we got nearer, I could see there was a big black door there. I also noticed, as we approached, the crowd of Paratakes thinned out until near the door there was nobody. It was like no one wanted to be close to that part of the wall. This didn’t relax my nerves any.

    One of the brown-clothed guys went ahead and pulled open the black door for the rest and me to enter. As I was jerked through it I took one last glance back at the Dome behind me. I wondered if I’d ever see it again. Probably not, I thought.

    I was pushed through and into a bright, long hallway. The two that had ahold of me pulled me along, the others disappeared somewhere. I couldn’t see where. It was all white in the hallway, floor to ceiling. The light hurt my eyes. We passed some doors on the sides, then down some stairs through another long hallway. Pretty soon the two guys that held me pulled me to a stop.

    “Here’s your new home,” one of them said, and pulled a door on the side of the hallway open and pushed me through into a bare room, only a cot coming out of one wall and a toilet. The door slammed loudly behind me.

    I stood there for a minuet, then sat down on the cot. Well, I thought, this is the end of my adventure. I wondered what kind of execution I’d get. I wondered if they had caught Henry, too. I put my head in my hands. I wondered if Dirth had foreseen this. Maybe it was Dirth who set me up. Who was Dirth, anyway? A lot of thoughts were going through my head.

    Then I heard footsteps outside on the metal floor. I looked up and the door opened and another man dressed in brown stood in the doorway. “You’re to come with me,” he said matter-of-factly without even really looking at me.

    “Yeah,” I said, “well I want to know why did you bring me here, and who are you? You have no right to push me around like this. I don’t like being kidnapped, fella.”

    The guy just repeated what he’d said and stood there looking at me with a blank expression on his face. I thought if I got into the hallway I could try to make a break for it, but I figured the outside door to the Dome was probably locked, so I stood up. “Where are you gonna take me?” I asked.

    “You’re to come with me,” the guy said again. He didn’t look too tough, but if I clobbered him, that might get me in deeper with these guys. I thought maybe it was a good idea to see what was up, I might learn something, so I said, “Okay,” and followed him out into the hall. We walked together down the hallway a ways until we got to another door on the side. The guy opened it and motioned me to go in.

    It was a bigger room, still all metal, with a two chairs around a table. On the chair at the far side sat another brown shirt. He looked up at me as I walked through the door and said, blandly, “Sit down.” So, I sat down facing him. “Well? I said.

    “Let me tell you at the outset that we know all about you, who you are, where you come from and why you are here. So, there is no use telling me lies about yourself or your purpose. You are an anomaly and must either be amended or eliminated. There are no other choices for you.”

    I sat back in my chair and looked at the guy. He looked like everybody else in the Dome. They all looked alike to me, anyway. I wasn’t going to take no guff from him, though. I figured I was caught anyway, so why make it easy for him. “You mean you think you know everything,” I said. “You don’t know the half of it, buddy. There’s more to me than you can imagine in your dumb little world.”

    “We know all about you,” he repeated. “You will tell me everything, you have no choice.”

    “Well then, if you know everything, you tell me who I am,” I said.

    “You are a member of the underground organization, a subversive. You are insane. You are here to destroy the sanity of the Dome because you are delusional in your psychosis. The Dome is a perfect society. Its citizens are perfect, the Paratakes, the Drones, the Engineers, even the Clerics and Nonconforants.

    “Because of your insanity you are an anomaly, you yourself are imperfect, and imperfection cannot be tolerated. The collective mind is sanity, the individual mind is insanity. We cannot be allowed to control our own minds, that leads to madness, so our minds must be controlled by the collective. There is not one thought that the citizens of the Dome think that has not been thought before. This makes us perfect and therefore society perfect.

    “You yourself control your own mind, like an untamed wild animal. You are insane, my friend. You must either be tamed or excluded. Self-discipline is not enough. Discipline in itself is useless. We cannot make you a sane citizen; you must become a sane citizen. You must conform or be eliminated. You are an anomaly.”

    The man sat back in his chair and looked into my eyes. “Which do you choose? Submission to sanity or the insanity of individuality?”

    I didn’t quite know what to make of what he’d said. All I knew was this guy wasn’t going to change me into no Paratake or have me eliminated. I leaned forward. “Listen, buddy,” I said. “I could easy knock you a good one and get out of here. I don’t like what you say or anything about you.”

    “That is immaterial,” the man said. “Now, I want to know the names of your comrades in the underground and their location.”

    Now I knew the guy didn’t really know who I was, so I said, “I don’t know anything about no underground, fella, so I don’t have no comrades in it. You think you’re some big guy around here, but you’re not. You got nothin’ on me, see, so why don’t you just be a good guy and I’ll go away.”

    “That is impossible,” he said. “I have my duty to perform. Now, will you confess to being a member of the underground?”

    “I don’t know nothin’ about no underground, I told you that. And listen to this, there’s something wrong with this whole Dome place. It’s not what I thought it was. It’s full of dead people as far as I can see.”

    “What are the names of the other members of the underground,” the guy repeated.

    “I told you, I don’t know and I don’t know anything about no underground.”

    “You are required to tell me,” he said, sort of mechanically. “The sanity of the Dome demands you to tell me. Your imperfection cannot be tolerated. Your mind must be reconfirmed into the control of the perfection. You cannot discipline yourself, you are like an untamed animal, you must confess your irrationality and therefore become sane or you will be eliminated.”

    “Okay then, how am I to become sane?” I asked.

    “You are an anomaly, you must confess. Either you tell me what you know and conform or you will be eliminated,” he repeated.

    “And how do you expect to eliminate me?” I asked.

    “Your elimination will be carried out by the proper authorities.”

    “Just who turned me in, can you answer that?”

    “You have been observed and reported. The sanity of the Dome must be preserved. All anomalies must be discovered and reported. We know all about you, who you are, where you come from and why you are here. It is useless to tell lies. You are a member of the underground organization, a subversive. You are insane. You are here to destroy the sanity of the Dome. You are delusional in your irrationality. You are insane.

    “You control your own mind, like an untamed wild animal. You must either be tamed or excluded. Self-discipline is not enough. Discipline in itself is useless. We cannot make you a sane citizen; you must become a sane citizen. You must confess and conform to perfection of the Dome or be eliminated.”

    I thought about what this guy was saying and repeating himself, so I said, “You’re a Drone, aren’t you.”

    The guy sat there for a while with no expression on his face. Finally, he said, “You must confess your digressions or be eliminated. It is your choice.”

    I looked at him. He was waiting for a response he could understand, I guessed. “Well, I’m out of here,” I said. “You’ll let me go or I’ll knock you good. Those others outside will have a hard time with me if they get in my way.”

    I stood up, walked around the table to the door and opened it. “You cannot leave!” the guy demanded, turning in his chair to look at me.

    I just walked out into the hallway, retracing my steps. There was no one around. When I got to the stairs I looked back, but the guy was no where in sight, no even following me. I walked up the stairs into the other hallway. It was empty, too, so I headed for the outer door. When I got to it, I pushed on it, it was unlocked and swung open, so I went through and stepped onto into Dome floor.

    That was too easy, I said to myself. That made me a little nervous. I walked a few feet looking back over my shoulder and bumped into someone. “Sorry,” I said as I turned my head around to see who it was, and there standing in front of me was the Engineer I’d met in the food place.

    “Having an interesting time, are you?” He asked casually. I was surprised to see him, and I stepped back a little.

    “I think now you’re ready to take a tour of the real Dome,” he said, smiling.






































  15. shadowhive
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    Sometimes I wonder why I still come to this place.

    I've considered leaving lately a few times. I mean honestly some of the people just seem borderline insane. How little they value human life. How much they care about religion. How much they value their guns. How they cry about freedom when they don't value it. Too many people just looking for a reason to start a civil war.

    Sure there are the occasional sane voice and nice person, but too often they get drowned out in the sea of madness.

    So perhaps I should go.

    But then, isn't that lettiing those kinds of people win? I don't know anymore.

    When the shooting happened I became angry and tired and since then, I've just become more tired, more angry at the pro-gun people. At their excsues, at the lack of concern for life, their talk of freedom, their barely concealled bloodlust/ The lies and their desire for a conflict that would tear their country apart. I'm just so tired, tired of them, tired of their idiocy.

    Not to mention being tired of the whole breit thing and how all the leavers are jumping for joy despite the vote not being decisive, not meaning anything and the leaders of itopenly lying and having no plan (and the chaos after it). (And evenn then a pro-gunner wants us to gain arms, go ****ing ffigure.)

    I'm just so tired of them. All of them.

    In just over two weeks I head away anyway for a few days, so maybe I should do a break until after then.

  16. Like it or not public perceptions matter. 

    The smartest person in the room acting lackadaisical and looking disheveled might lead others to assume their possessing the same traits is acceptable.

    If they don't operate at peak performance they could lose a job over not being profitable.

    If everyone can't do it no one can.


    Frown frown frown.

    The hardest working member of the team constantly relishing the last one night stand or heavy bender might be a prompt to the next that over indulgence is alright.

    Eventually, they could end up not being fit for duty.

    Like it or not examples set can have a far reaching impact. 

    We never know what all occurrences we could have been mistakenly partially responsible for.

    The day came when I decided the world didn't revolve around me.

    Yes, it was very disheartening. 

    I'm extremely important to me. 

    But, I had to think about what life would be like in a world full of me's.

    What if it was run by me's, and all the people I ran into on a daily basis were identical to me? 

    I wouldn't have liked that at all. 

    At that point I decided to embark on becoming the best me I can be. 

    I like to do my part.  

    I want to be a worthwhile contributing member of society.

    I can't remember exactly how it was phrased, but I once heard someone make a statement to the effect of, be the change you'd like to see in the world; because you never know who might be watching.

    After I was able to push my pride to the side I decided I full heartedly agree.

    I don't want to influence anybody to make decisions which will dramatically alter their lives in a negative way.

    So, today my fun matters a little less to myself, and I'm okay with that. 

  17. portia.angelique.lumiere99

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    Mark One
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    As he stood there in his brown cords, red-suede-shoes and matching tan coloured duffle coat his demeanour was excitement.  The doc casually adjusted his brill creamed side parting as he waited for the doors to slide open.  Far beyond the glittery doors he could hear Emmas voice describing the next house mate.

  18. DigitalDreamer
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    I see these old blog entries riddled with depression and anger,And i don't even recognize that guy! 


    I've grown firm and hardened to the worlds attempts at kicking me while i'm down and hoping that i won't get up,Now i can see through the thunderstorms and can appreciate them.The cleansing they provide,the darkness ever so temporary until pierced by the sun rays of mushrooms and psychedelic awakening.



  19.   Chapter 13 Pic.jpg  

         Still surrounded by the pin-point lights, Cloney asks, “What are these strange lights, Zerak?

         “I don’t know. They’re all around us, but they don’t seem to be doing any harm. They’re like tiny stars.”

         “They are the portents of the Values,” Zarkor says, still in his trance. “They will guide us safely to the Depository. Within their enclosure we are hidden from the guards.”

         Our three heroes glide on. As they approached ever closer to the mysterious glow ahead, Cloney exclaims, “Look! Even this close it’s still just a wispy blaze of light! Where’s the Depository?”

        “I don’t know, Cloney,” Zerak replies. “I don’t understand.”

         Zarkor, withdrawing somewhat from his trance, says, “You two must wait here. You will be safe within the lights. I must go on alone.”

         Zerak turns to Zarkor in surprise. “Alone? Why, Zarkor? I thought we were in this together.”

         “Because this is the will of the Values,” Zarkor replies. “Only I am in telepathic contact with them, only I can be guided by them to accomplish the task at hand, to free the Values forever. Do not worry, I will return safely. Trust in the wisdom of the Values.”

         Zerak and Cloney are silent as Zarkor in his Safety Cube drifts slowly away toward the glowing brightness beyond. When Zarkor is finally out of sight in the great nothingness, Zerak turns to Cloney.

         “We’ll have to trust in the Values and in Zarkor, Cloney,” he says. “There’s nothing else we can do. It’s up to Zarkor now.”

         “I don’t like this,” Cloney says, peering into the darkness after Zarkor. “Zarkor all by himself is a danger to himself, and probably to us as well. I’m afraid he’ll get himself in mischief and we’ll have to rescue him!”

         Suddenly Zarkor’s Safety Cube can be seen returning to Zerak and Cloney. “He’s coming back!” Cloney exclaims. “He probably got scared and needs our help after all.”

         When Zarkor has reached his two friends, he turns his Safety Cube to face Zerak and Cloney.

    “I thought you were going to free the Values,” Zerak says. “What happened?”   

         Now completely out of his trance, Zarkor is angry. “This is impossible! They’re still arguing! First they want me to come to them alone, then they change their minds and tell me to wait until they’ve made a unanimous decision! I’m tired of all this drifting about listening to all their stupid clatter! These Values still can’t decide on any reasonable plan of escape. It’s useless.”

         “I though they knew what they were doing all along,” says Zerak.

         “They’re still debating among themselves,” Zarkor says in frustration. “It’s confusing, telepathically listening to their pointless discussions. They can’t make up their minds about anything! I’m going to confront these so-called Supervisors myself,” he says finally. “My superior intellect will be more than a match for their puny minds. After all, they’re all just accountants and stuff, right? Supervisors, indeed! From what the Values tell me, their all incompetent fools. They say it’s always been a mess in that Depository. One of them is always escaping then being recaptured. These so-called Supervisors keep loosing track of who’s there and who’s missing. That’s why thru need that Sentinel and all those stupid guards!

         “The Values are smart enough to escape sometimes,” Cloney offers timidly.

         “Yeah, but they don’t know where to go when they do! They just wander about aimlessly until some guard spots them and then they’re brought back. Stupid. That’s why I’m going to take matters into my own.”

         “But what about the Vulgarians?” Cloney asks fearfully.

         “I’ll deal with them, too,” Zarkor states definitely. “I’ve met Vulgarians before once, or who they said they were. This Vulgarian guy was all fierce talking at first, but I soon put him in his place. In the end he was apologizing to me for the mess they made of this Universe!”

         Zerak and Cloney stared at Zarkor in wonder. “You met a Vulgarian?” Zerak asked, bewildered.

         “Sure!” Zarkor says proudly, and even in his Safety Cube they could see him puff himself up. “It’s when I bought that classic ship from Cousin Billy’s Pawn Shop, remember? I met this guy, Mr. Brain in a diner, and we went to this Vulgarian Outpost and I gave that stupid Vulgarian a good talking too.”

         “You never mentioned that to me,” Zerak says.

         Zarkor looks a little pale. “Well, for some reason you didn’t want me to fly that ship. You said it was junk, that Cousin Billy cheated me. Well, it wasn’t and he didn’t. It was a classic space ship, real old world craftsmanship. I still have it, in fact, tucked away on the planet. Needs a little maintenance now, I’ll admit, but it’s spaceworthy. It’s a classic!”

         Zerak turned and looks at Cloney, then back to Zarkor. “Maybe we should wait until the Values finally make up their minds,” he says cautiously. “We don’t really know enough about all this to make any real decisions, do you think?”

         “Nonsense,” Zarkor snarls. “You two wait here, I’ll straighten all this out. My infallible intuition tells me all I have to do is use my superior intelligence on these inferior species, these so-called Supervisors. And if any Vulgarian interferes, I’ll deal with him, too.”

         With that, Zarkor quickly glides ay from Zerak and Cloney, not looking back.

         “Do you think we should follow him?” Cloney asks. “I just know he’s going to get himself into trouble, and probably us with him.”

         Zerak turns once again at the distant glow. “Perhaps,” he muses. “But there‘s more to Zarkor than you know, you being so young and all. I have some confidence he’ll succeed better than we may think.”

         Cloney looks at Zerak doubtfully. “Maybe, but I know Zarkor, too. I’m the one who had to save him on our Adventure on the Next Continent, remember? I just hope his Dumb Luck Implant is up and running. I have a feeling he’ll need it.”


         Zarkor, all alone now, continues his glide toward the glowing mist ahead. After a while he spots a solid structure within the brilliant filaments of light. “That must be where the stupid Supervisors are,” he says to himself. Altering his course, he heads for a large silver globe to the side of the bright filaments.

         Zarkor drifts around the globe until he spots what he considers an entranceway. Gliding up to it, he telekinetically knocks on the metal door. After a moment, a voice from inside yells out, “Who’s there?!”

         “It’s me, Zarkor,” Zarkor answers. “Let me in!”

         “Who?” The interior voice asks.

         “Zarkor!” Zarkor shouts impatiently. “Let me in or I’ll blow the door open!”

         There is confused shuffling heard from inside. “What do you want?” The voice says, then it adds, “Go away!”

         “You better let me in, whoever you are!” Zarkor shouts at the door. “You’re in big trouble! I’m on a mission from the Galactic Council, and if you don’t want to be arrested right away you better open up!”

         There is momentary silence from inside. Then Zarkor hears some confused conversations. “Well?” He shouts.

         More confused exchanges from the interior.  Finally a voice yells out, “The Supreme Council has no authority over us!”

         “Oh no? If you don’t want Council battle ships to arrive, open this stupid door!” Is Zarkor’s response.

         There is a squeaking sound as the outer door of the silver globe slowly begins to open. “That’s better,” Zarkor says as he drifts inside the airlock. The outer door closes and air hisses into the chamber. The inner door then swings wide and Zarkor is confronted by three Humanoid Supervisors.

         Looking at the three, Zarkor mutters, “I should have known, Humans.”























  20. I want to find a new job. I'm tired of where I am and to be honest, I don't think this firm will be around much beyond the end of this year.

    My problem: I've done virtually nothing for the last 10 years and have lost all confidence in what I am capable of doing. I work for 2 architects. One of them very rarely lets me type emails or letters for him; the other I always type emails/letters for him because he has virtually no knowledge of computers and is happily ignorant. The problem is that he doesn't send many letters or emails. I answer the phone, three lines, but it doesn't really ring all that much. We have the odd visitor, but not as often as other architect firms probably have. I make sure all supplies are stocked and when we have the occasional lunch n learn, I organize the meal ordering.

    That has been the extent of my work life for the last 10 years. I have always been willing to learn new things, new programs, but these two guys never wanted me to learn anything new. 

    I look at job descriptions and hesitate to apply because I am scared I will be overwhelmed and fail under pressure. I don't know what to do.

  21. I do apologize for this overdue update. I'm here to talk more about my little family. The pack as you know, The Scattered Ruins, has grown a bit more. Up to 11 members now and still a few more to come. Many plans for us all have been set for this summer. Our main event being the meet up at my place. We are going to be cooking out, sleeping out in the yard under all the stars, hanging at the park, and going to a wolf park about an hour form my place. The pack had had some major news, a lot I am not going to be going into, of new members and stuff outside of it all. Welcoming new members is always a hard time as some may not get along with others. As the alpha I'm constantly making sure everyone is ok and safe.

    Besides the pack I have my own events planned. I have two graduations and three open houses to go to. After my sister finishes summer school we are heading to Kentucky until a few days before a Slipknot concert. We are returning for a few days over the summer to camp out and get in to see Slipknot. We are buying pit tickets for the event, with about four or five of us going to the event. Besides these major events nothing to special is happening. 

    Well iv given you an update on what's going on. I'll try to do more updates and statues over the summer since I won't be as busy as I normally am. Major events and updates will always been spoken about within this blog here.

    So for now this is Lunar Wolf signing out. Have fun my mates and make it a great summer.


                                                                                                                                                   ~Lunar Wolf~



  22. AustinHinton
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    These are the Aspie stereotypes I dislike the most, and why they don’t apply to me.

    -Aspies are nothing but fleshy computers (I can think creatively, a computer cannot)
    -Aspies stink at social communication and etiquette (I have decent social communication skills, but etiquette? Ya not so much…)
    -Aspies are apathic and do not care for the emotions of others (I am VERY empathic)
    -Aspies are “anal retentive” and only care about useless factoids (I care about more things than factoids)
    -Aspies speak in a monotone devoid of even the slightest emotion (My voice is quite emotional)
    -Aspies don’t swear (I admit this is true for me)
    -Aspies talk with an air of superiority (I never speak to anyone like this)
    -Aspies are doomed to stay single unless a girl takes pity on them (I cant really say much about this one, I’ve never had a GF)
    -Aspies are only male (I have known female Aspies)
    -Aspies are little more than children and need constant care and supervision (I spend a good part of my life alone, and I can take care of myself)
    -Aspies are only into “Autistic things” (What, pray tell, is an “Autistic thing”?)
    -Aspies have embarrassing “episodes” (I have meltdowns from time to time, but I wouldn’t call them episodes)
    -Aspies are just faking it for attention (I despise it when people say I’m “just faking it”)
    -Aspies are your typical nerds/geeks (Aspies can be anything, we are not nerds or geeks in the traditional sense)
    -Aspies aren’t emotional (I am quite emotive.)

  23. MoonPrincess' Blog

    By: thesanityclause


    I love this comic. I've seen it before and still funny!