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Entries in February 2016
17 Feb We grow into something beautiful or monstrous 0 Comments
16 Feb Joy and freedom for me in Panama (The experience of the lightness-of-being) 0 Comments
15 Feb When our journey truly commences 0 Comments
14 Feb Connecting the parts of our lives 0 Comments
14 Feb That faith finds expression in concrete everyday action 0 Comments
13 Feb Breaking cycles 0 Comments
12 Feb To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us." ~Pope Francis 0 Comments
11 Feb The mystery of union with Christ and with others 0 Comments
10 Feb A chance to trust 0 Comments
10 Feb Ash Wednesday 2016 0 Comments
09 Feb I have come to tell you that God exist 0 Comments
07 Feb A prayer flowing from a place of deep humility and obedience 0 Comments
06 Feb The Eternal Moment 3 Comments
04 Feb Our path through life does not always make sense 3 Comments
03 Feb Called by our real name 0 Comments
03 Feb Blessing of our doors for the Holy Year of Mercy (2 Feb Monastery of the Holy Spirit) 0 Comments
02 Feb Broader perspectives 0 Comments
01 Feb The Magic Word 0 Comments
Entries in January 2016
31 Jan I can be very cranky 0 Comments
28 Jan Though darkness and light, through confusion and loss you are with me O Lord 0 Comments
27 Jan The beauty of people 0 Comments
24 Jan Conversation of the Merciful God With a Despairing Soul. 1 Comments
23 Jan A Muslim couple (between a rock and a hard place) 2 Comments
22 Jan A healing dream long ago 0 Comments
21 Jan observing a loving couple 5 Comments
20 Jan Going over old times with another old timer 0 Comments
19 Jan Ever higher up and deeper in 0 Comments
18 Jan God is revealed in his mercy 0 Comments
17 Jan Prejudice, the habit of stereotyping 2 Comments
16 Jan The experience of Mercy 0 Comments
13 Jan We are made of fire 2 Comments
12 Jan Darkness and light or the same (Ps 139:12) 0 Comments
09 Jan We have one life 1 Comments
08 Jan In this world there is always a price to be paid (Good Greaf Retreat 1/8/16)) 0 Comments
05 Jan NO, NO, NO, not again 1 Comments
04 Jan The way our culture is going 0 Comments
03 Jan The beginning of the Year-Of-Mercy (Mercy/Wrath) 0 Comments
02 Jan Feast of the Magi 0 Comments
02 Jan Waking up a little bit at a time 0 Comments
02 Jan In times of darkness, trust 0 Comments
Entries in December 2015
31 Dec A New Year of Mercy (2016) 2 Comments
29 Dec No easy way out 3 Comments
29 Dec The Christ-Mass Season 2015 0 Comments
28 Dec The feast of the Holy Innocents 0 Comments
27 Dec Feast of the Holy Family 2015 0 Comments
26 Dec Stephen the Martyr Feast Day (Day after Christmas 2015) 0 Comments
24 Dec In the beginning was the Word 0 Comments
23 Dec Grace and gift giving (What I learned from my Dad) 3 Comments
22 Dec The First Step 0 Comments
21 Dec Our deepest longings to be seen and loved 0 Comments