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Posted by Dog Demon , 13 October 2006 · 136 views

Current song: Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Snow"

Wow, no updates throughout summer. Sorry guys. But I'd never abandon this place, keep that in mind. I've just been very busy with my other forums and school.

All of my teachers are nice, but I'm... having a bit of trouble with math. Damned Algebra.

Going to a party where no...


[Late] Birthday

Posted by Dog Demon , 28 May 2006 · 135 views

Current Song: Oingo Boingo- "Hey!"

Yahh, so yesterday was my birthday. Finally 14! Had a rather small party and invited 5 of my buddies. We basically hung out, watched stuff, played PS2, and ate cake. Very fun. And I finally got the last Coheed and Casmbria CD I need (The Second Stage Turbine Blade, and Time Consumer's...


End of Spring Break/1000 Posts

Posted by Dog Demon , 02 April 2006 · 170 views

Current Song: Rob Zombie- "Dragula"

Yeah, I finally got 1000 posts. (wh00t wh00t!) And Spring Break is over for me. Curses only getting 1 week off... *grimblegrimble* But my friends and I went to an exhibit on King Tut in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday, very fun. And Wolfy and I bought 5 volumes of Bleach manga yesterday. So right now...


Rodney Crowell Concert

Posted by Dog Demon , 04 March 2006 · 151 views

Current Song: Andrew WK- "Ready To Die"
(No, I haven't gone emo on y'all. The song's really upbeat [O.o], and the Mood thing will be explained later.)

I got to go to my first concert this weekend. Rodney Crowell, he's a country/rock singer. It was tons of fun, and I got him to autograph my shirt and ticket, and I got a...


New Year/Blog Anniversary

Posted by Dog Demon , 01 January 2006 · 133 views

Current Song: Coheed and Cambria- "Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)"

Wow, one year ago I posted my first entry. And I still find it hard to believe it's 2006.

And just because, a few days ago Wolfy and I each got a new CD. She got "Pretty Hate Machine"(Nine Inch Nails), and I got "In Keepng Secrets of Silent...



Posted by Dog Demon , 25 December 2005 · 59 views

Current Song: Savatage- "When The Crowds Are Gone"

Heeheehee. 'Twas a good Christmas. Last night we all went to Outback for dinner, then came home, made hot chocolate and cookies, and unopened a few presents. I had a hard time falling asleep, believe you me.

I got:
-Watership Down- DVD
-Scryed vols. 1-2 -DVDs


Babysitting Hell

Posted by Dog Demon , 19 December 2005 · 76 views

Current Song: They Might Be Giants- "James K. Polk"

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Picture your worst babysitting experience, then multipy it by 40. it. Last night Wolfy and I had to babysit at least 40 kids. *is fried* Our parents and us went to this huge party at this huge house(with 3 floors!!), and there were a bunch of people there. We were 2...



Posted by Dog Demon , 18 December 2005 · 87 views

Current song: Coheed and Cambria- "The Suffering"

Wh00t!! I got Se7en as a Secret Santa present. We did a little gift exchange at out table. And our last day of school was this Friday! Yay! *dances* So no more school until next year. XD Our 7th period class in Dr. Dean's went against Schweig's class in Kickball, but...


Dance, Dance

Posted by Dog Demon , 10 December 2005 · 73 views

Current Song: Fall Out Boy- "Dance, Dance"

Yeah, we had a school dance. XD 'Twas very fun. But my feet huuuurt now... I danced and sang too much. Anyway, Trini's sleeping over.


Kickball, Nature Trail, and Party!

Posted by Dog Demon , 03 December 2005 · 58 views

Current Song: Avenged Sevenfold- "Bat Country"

Yesterday in Science class, we went on the nature trail to educate some of the other classes. It was quite fun. Brandi and I were gooding around a lot and doing the "YMCA" motions at times. XD
Then in PE, we played kickball and completely PWNED the other team, 21-1. Oooooh...

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