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Posted by Dog Demon , 13 October 2006 · 75 views

Current song: Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Snow"
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Wow, no updates throughout summer.  hmm.gif Sorry guys. But I'd never abandon this place, keep that in mind. I've just been very busy with my other forums and school.

All of my teachers are nice, but I'm... having a bit of trouble with math. Damned Algebra.

Going to a party where no one's still alive-- er, I mean, a Halloween party at Mariah's house tonight. happy.gif I'm just going to pop in my Fixadent fangs and wear a lot of black. I look like Bono. O.o But for real Halloween I'm going to be Frank from Donnie Darko. Woohoo for giant creepy bunnies!

Oh, also, my mice had a baby a few weeks ago. She's a little black bundle of insanity named Taz.

I've also become a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan recently. Watched the whole series within a week, and End of Evangelion. Wow. Damn confusing.

Oct 13 2006 06:12 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Evangelion isn't meant to make any sense, it just looks pretty.  laugh.gif
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