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Babysitting Hell

Posted by Dog Demon , 19 December 2005 · 70 views

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Oh. Mah. Gawd. Picture your worst babysitting experience, then multipy it by 40. it. Last night Wolfy and I had to babysit at least 40 kids. *is fried* Our parents and us went to this huge party at this huge house(with 3 floors!!), and there were a bunch of people there. We were 2 out of 4 babysitters the hosts hired, 'cause a bunch of people brought their kids. Little kids around 5, 6, and 7.
Anyway, we were all watching Harry Potter in their huge TV room(with a bloody flippin' awesome projector screen), and had the gift exchange with all the presents the kids brought. Wolfy and I didn't, because we were getting paid for this. Anyway, after that, the adults had theirs, but the kids couldn't go downstairs because of some "questionable", adult gifts. So all 4 of us sitters were trapped upstairs with a stampede of little kids running around.
The boys and girls started fighting, someone broke a picture frame and there was glass everywhere, kids spilled drinks and food, ugh. All hell broke loose. I did hang out with the girls for a bit, and we were going to capture a boy, force him into a princess dress, and cover him in makeup to scare the others away, but we couldn't grab one. tongue.gif But still, kids started crying, hitting each other, ye gods it was scary.
After somewhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, we were allowed down again and were plaing in the huge front yard until everyone left. But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and we've been through one of the worst possible scenarios.
Besides, me and Wolfy each got $50. Ooooohhhh yeah.

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