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Posted by Dog Demon , 25 December 2005 · 58 views

Current Song: Savatage- "When The Crowds Are Gone"
Mood: grin2.gif

Heeheehee. 'Twas a good Christmas. Last night we all went to Outback for dinner, then came home, made hot chocolate and cookies, and unopened a few presents. I had a hard time falling asleep, believe you me.

I got:
-Watership Down- DVD
-Scryed vols. 1-2 -DVDs
-KakuRenBo- DVD
-Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2 -PS2 game
-Coheed and Cambria- Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star- CD
-Savatage- Gutter Ballet- CD
-Orange squishy pillow
-Portable DVD player
-Sake drinking set (But I'll only use it for things like... water. Yeah, water. *innocent whistles*
-Chocolates and oranges
-Fuzzy socks
-Sewing kit
-Sewing machine
-$10 Wal-Mart Giftcard
-Some "Littlest Pet Shop" figures (they're cute!!)
-Box of cooked ham (An inside joke with my dad. "Nothing says, "I love you" like a nice slab of ham!"

Wolfy got a new computer. tongue.gif I'm fine with mine. *pats "Ol' Reliable"/"Lord Canti")*

But all in all, 'twas a very good Christmas. thumbsup.gif And right now I'm listening to Gutter Ballet. Ye gods, Savatage sounded different back then. tongue.gif

And actually, we had a Florida "Christmas snow". It was raining this morning.

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