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Rodney Crowell Concert

Posted by Dog Demon , 04 March 2006 · 149 views

Current Song: Andrew WK- "Ready To Die"
Mood: sad.gif
(No, I haven't gone emo on y'all. The song's really upbeat [O.o], and the Mood thing will be explained later.)

I got to go to my first concert this weekend. happy.gif Rodney Crowell, he's a country/rock singer. It was tons of fun, and I got him to autograph my shirt and ticket, and I got a hug. We spent the night in the area, and only just now got home. We were going to go to a Flogging Molly concert last weekend, but they sold out. T-T

And sorry I haven't been updating as much as I should, but things come up. Important stuff that happened since New Year's:
-I have become addicted to the manga/anime Bleach.
-Brandi and Cole broke up.
-Watched the Hellsing OAV. Sweet bejeebus, I love it.
-Got the Sims and Unleashed.
-Read To Kill A Mockingbird and The Jungle. Loved them both.
-Had a party last weekend instead of the concert, and we all(Brandi, Katie, Lisa, Nata, Trini, Mariah, and me) went to the mall. We ran into Kit, and Brandi told us that she's now in therapy.
-Went to Texas for my cousin's wedding.
-Got my Were Tail on Gaia
-Finally got an Oingo Boingo CD (The Millenium Collection)
-Got 999 posts here. grin2.gif I'll make my 1,000th when I come back.

And that's about it.

Now, as for the " sad.gif " Mood, it's because Katie and I have been banned from the computers until our Spanish grades rise. So, see y'all in a month or so! XD

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