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[Late] Birthday

Posted by Dog Demon , 28 May 2006 · 58 views

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Yahh, so yesterday was my birthday. Finally 14! Had a rather small party and invited 5 of my buddies. We basically hung out, watched stuff, played PS2, and ate cake. Very fun. And I finally got the last Coheed and Casmbria CD I need (The Second Stage Turbine Blade, and Time Consumer's beautiful). W00t! Only, someone else got me a copy too, and I also got 2 more CDs that I already had. I'll exchange them for Reel Big Fish or something.

In other news, I still have to make my costumes for MetroCon. >.< Well, there's a place downtown that's having a fabric sale, and I have my pimpin' sewing machine. So I should be able to do it.

Other than that, it's already summer and we haven't been doing much.

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