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Remodeled bedroom

Posted by Princess Serenity , in bedroom, changes, my items, dolls 13 October 2011 · 380 views

At least some of it though
Okay. I remodeled my room a little. I moved some pictures; dolls (took out the new one and placed her in front of my neck holder. I placed Holly where Sally used to sit, the pictures that used to be on my tv now sit in front of her), and stuffed animals. Now it looks like thereís more light in the room. I think Sally being so tall, I guess she hogged the light. XP I love my dolls and I only have 5 right now. :P So hereís pictures on what Iíve changed in my room.

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My guitar that my brother gave me. That was sitting next to my tv but I decided to move it.

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That fake rose was sitting on my TV with those pictures. An old classmate gave me that fake rose. Why. I donít know.

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Sally and Margaret on my tv. Sally is the white dressed one and Sally is the other one. Sally was the first one I ever got. :3

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Two of my dolls. This is where Margaret and Holly used to sit. Thatís my necklace holder.

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My nightstand. Thatís Holly with two pictures. The left is my dad at Ground Zero and the right is me with my first nephew when he was a baby.

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