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Rescuing Princess

Posted by Tia , 10 November 2006 · 109 views

Yesterday I was online in a doggy forum I go to and volunteered to help with a dogs rescue.

Princess (as my youngest called her) is a great dane x approx 18mths old. Her time was up at the pound and she was due to be pts.

Rescue in Melbourne were going to take her but they needed someone to get her out of the pound.

I packed the kids in the car and raced down to the pound to find a lovely dog though her ribs and backbone were showing. We then had to face Windsor Rd to get to the vets to have her immunised in peak hour  unsure.gif . Afterwards we made it to the boarding kennel only 5 minutes late. She'll be staying there till Wednesday when the dog transport will take her on to Melbourne to her new foster home. She couldn't wait to get back into the kennel run, which makes you wonder if a caged life is all she's known.

She was such a lovely girl even though we only spent a short time with her, someone will be a lucky person when they get to adopt her.

My hat goes off to all the people who do rescue on a daily basis, I don't know how they hand the dogs over after spending weeks working with them.

Good luck Princess, here's to a happy and loving future in a forever home to you.

bLu3 de 3n3rgy
Nov 10 2006 11:21 PM
aww Tia, that was really great of you!  I hope the family awaiting her is a nice and loving one! thumbsup.gif good stuff
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I want a great dane, I'd have her if I was there!
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sad.gif Coming up to Xmas and afterwards you'll get your choice of just about any breed of dog in the pounds.

People would rather dump their dogs they pay for care when they go away. Also with housing loans rates going up again there are genuine cases of people having to decide feed the dog or feed my children and beloved family pets are having to be given up.

Going to a pound then is a reality check. Potential pet owners should be made to go visit then, also no sugar coating about what the likely outcome is for most of these dogs.
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