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I decided to pierce my helix.

Posted by Tia , 31 March 2012 · 317 views

Finally after so long at being put off by all sorts of horror stories about getting this done, I gathered all the equipment and did the piercing myself.

It looks really nice but has that lovely slightly red/ swollen look as it hasn't even been 24hrs yet. I've been reading that the redness and swelling can and does for some people last for weeks.

Luckily in my field of work I know all about sterilisation and infection control so I'll just keep an eye on it to make sure it continues to remain 'normal'.

Putting the needle through.....
Posted Image

The finished product.......
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Mar 31 2012 01:53 PM
Looks good, I would never be able to do that to myself though, kudos! lol
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Thanks Sarah, I didn't think I would do it myself either lol. I'm a nurse, we can do anything to other people but when it comes to yourself some of us are the biggest wusses.

I still have the swelling and redness but like I said it's expected to last a while and I am definitely keeping out an eye in case of infection (I'm diabetic so more prone). What I can't get is that everything I read said it'll hurt for months until the swelling goes down. Unless I knock it I know it's there obviously, but it doesn't hurt.

I pierced my sons lobe for him about 6 months ago without a problem and years ago I re-pierced my daughters eyebrow when it closed up after she lost her bar bell at athletics, it took less then 12hours to close. I'm actually happy I did it as she had a lump of dried up gunk in it so I got it out and kept it really clean for a week and she never had problems with it again compared to when the shop did it.

You'd be surprised at what you can or will do when necessity calls for it. :yes:
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