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How to get back in the dating game after 21yrs?

Posted by Tia , 06 April 2012 · 336 views

Gosh, where do you begin?????????????????????

I'm just out to meet new guy's, nothing serious. Just ones who want to build a good friendship first, go hang out and other fun. FMFs? maybe lol.

Obviously with my daughter I don't want anyone around for a while, not till I felt I could trust them and I'm certainly learnt not to trust.

I don't want to join online dating sites etc so where do I go to meet guys? Anyone in the same boat or have been?

Alienated Being
Apr 06 2012 02:36 PM
If I were to recommend any dating site, it would be eHarmony. Sure, you need to pay in order to become a member, however, at least you would know that the people on that site are at least "half" serious about getting into a relationship, whereas the vast majority of individuals on free dating sites are looking for casual sex. If it's free, stay away!!

Also, I said "IF"! I really DON'T recommend dating sites in general. In all honesty, your best bet would be to get involved with something - take a language course, a dancing course, or simply a course in something that truly interests you. The people that are in the same course as you are bound to have similar interests.

:tu: I wish you the best. Oh, and you will never know love until you surrender to it.
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Simbi Laveau
Apr 07 2012 10:30 PM
Join something you like.Take a class.Ive met a couple of date worthy guys in my Japanese glass,martial arts class,and home maintenance class.
I didn't join them to meet anyone,but you know,stuff in common etc.
Dating sites are terrifying to me,but this is the way of the world now.
I know people who joined them and got stalked,and I know people who joined them and met a rich guy and got married.

Its a 50/50 thing.
One of the girls who married the rich guy,met a series of losers ,and got stalked twice,years before she met the rich guy ,and hes a bit odd in most people's book,so....
Its hard to meet people now .Sad state of affairs.
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Thanks for your comments. I didn't want to join a dating site yet as I just want to get out and meet lots of new guys and have fun/ friendships and if there's a spark  :blush: . Nothing full on.

It's so hard though because the payment I'm on means I'm the kids carer basically 24/7 so I can't study outside of the house only at home learning. I will hopefully be signing up for that as soon as OTEN get their website up and running and then the field I'm studying, well you don't mix clients and the outside world anyway.

Hard alright, I met a guy late last year and we were sitting a table apart having a nice chat as I was waiting for my now ex to turn up so we could talk after work without the kids around. We just really clicked but as soon as my ex turned up he put on this show of ownership and we started talking so the guy finished his drink and left. He told me where he worked and stuff and I'm so tempted to call and just asks if he remembers chatting to a nurse at this particular spot and go from there by his answer. Would that seem like a stalker? I'd really like to talk to him again as I felt a good friendship connection with him.
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I would recommend meeting guys in places you frequent like a bookstore or coffee shop even though I know that doing so is easier said than done. But if you are going to try dating sites try the ones that are the most popular and have a good reputation. It's good to be careful because you never know. It's always better to start off as friends first because at least then you can see if you are compatible and not to mention if they are a trustworthy person or not. Good luck.
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