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A little about me

Posted by Jor-el , 13 April 2007 · 59 views

From the earliest of times, I have been an avid reader. I've read all types of books, but the ones closest to my heart belong to the Science -Fiction Genre.

From Arthur C. Clark, Robert Heinlin, Ben Bova, Gordon R. Dickson and Isaac Asimov, to name just a few, I've read all the books I could get my hands on, that related to science in a fictional way.

I came into contact with ideas that were on the threshold of exploration and came to know how the universe functioned.

This led me to science in a new way. Rather than a bunch of equations in science class, I loved to apply the knowlege I had learned in school so that I could further understand this amazing universe. Experimentation went hand in hand with knowledge and as I grew up I found myself in the grip of Astronomy and Physics and their theoretical applications.

In the 1980s', I came across an author called Ben Bova, that opened my eyes to another world... that of politics and history.

Politics because, the reality of the world is defined by our political worldview and its' consequences in our lives, and history, so that we don't fall into the same errors as those that came before us. His novels opened my eyes to these new ideas and because of them, my life was heavily influenced in directions I had never before considered.

It was at this time, that through various happenstances in my life, I became a christian. I was familiar with christianity in a traditional way but no religion had ever spoken to me more than science did. Because of this outlook, I was critical of religous concepts and rejected that which was not based on logic and rationality.

My battle with christianity had started although I was not yet aware of the war that had been declared between my rational mind and my faith.

It was this battle that eventually took me on a new path of learning... Christianity, and the bible.

This war between the intelect and faith was one of my greatest challenges and it is still after many years the underlying strata of my personality. How can I accept the bible knowing what science teaches us in all its' various disciplines?

The answer is not simple and it certainly isn't easy to express, but I eventually found a path that took me to acceptance of my faith without compromising my knowledge of the scientific world. Each person must make his own path in this quest for self awareness and enlightenment, while many may not see things the way I do, I hope that you will consider that if someone does find the path, it could also be yours.

You can acpt the bible and science at the same time...

What I mean is...we all KNOW we can't live without the use of science, it would be impossible...thats fact

But it don't mean you have to accept ALL of science...you can accept the bible..as science is too complex and there is too much to read and understand, so if the bible shows a simpler way and is more understandable, then go with it

Means you can have the best of BOTH worlds jor yes.gif

Like me...i believe in evolution...but believe GOD is responcible for it...see?? LOL
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