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On the Tesla aircraft

Posted by Teslasparkgap , 05 April 2010 · 217 views

The free energy Tesla saucer or UFO theory must be using the ether.
Thus the ether lives.
Apparently there are no G forces in the saucer.
Why we can't say without more knowledge of the ether which is locked up with
the documents of the ether scientist Tesla.
Tesla seems to be our first space scientist as well detecting 50x speed of light
particles and 250M volts on the Sun and various other discoveries and letting
us know about it.
With Tesla increasing his voltage capabilities beyond all imagination the
capture of the ether must have resulted.
So thus his aircraft was stable in wind and storm as he said and his
aircraft worked and tested.
Tesla said his craft was held up from above and had sideways forces as well.
From the Rex Heflin photos I see dirt being lifted up from the low altitide
telephone pole height distance.
Reports of water being lifted up also indicates the upward force continues
past the craft.
Also Travis Walton was lifted up and fell down unconscious.
The voltage has been identified as positive pulsed DC that draws in negative
charge and expels positive in a force chain to pull the ship in the ether.
Your Welcome.