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The Changing of the CD

Posted by The Mule , 30 September 2012 · 258 views

I generally pop a cd into my Saddlebag CD player and listen to it over and over for a few weeks at at time. I've had a CD with 5 System of a Down cds burned onto it since August. Time to change. Going with The Cult, 4 cds burned on...


What's in a Mule's Head?

Posted by The Mule , 22 September 2012 · 355 views

Today....this song:

This TV show is also in my head (warning!! adult themes, not safe for work!)

Food....macaroni and cheese....I think that is also in my head today, need to get it into my stomach...


A Day at the Zoo

Posted by The Mule , 16 September 2012 · 396 views

So we took our grandaughters to the zoo when they were in town. The only picture I took was this one here of my cousin, Steve.

Posted Image

Yeah...thats his good side...

And my Aunt...


Fun in the rain

Posted by The Mule , 15 September 2012 · 319 views

Posted Image

July 2011 we had a torrential downpour while at Universal Orlando.

Little girl had been playing in the puddle at Universal Orlando. The puddle had to be 6" deep at least. She was sitting in it at one point. It was so cute. And dont worry, its...


I fell prey to a commercial

Posted by The Mule , 08 September 2012 · 443 views

I pride myself on not allowing commercialism and consumerism to invade my life. I don't follow fashion or fads. I not only march to the beat of a different drum, I AM the different drummer.

But last night I saw a commercial....and it looked good. Then I realized...YES!! There already WAS one commercial that I could not resist. The allure of...


Next Year's Vacation Booked

Posted by The Mule , 28 August 2012 · 425 views

Place we stayed last summer, booked same place again next year!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Marriot Grande Vista - Orlando

If you ever get the chance...book it!

Idea Blatently Stolen from distortedpandy

My all time favorite album

The Mule



Believe it or not,
This man is a genius!
These guys
were magicians!

THIS is Art!


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